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iOS 8: Apple updates Photos and Camera apps

Apple is using its annual Developers' Conference to unveil iOS 8, which includes some interesting refinements to the native Photos app.

1 month ago
Acer Liquid X1 features 13MP sensor and F1.8 lens

Acer's new high-end phablet comes with a 13MP camera and F1.8 lens.

1 month ago
iStick allows for easy image transfer from iPhone to computer

The iStick Kickstarter project combines a USB and Apple Lightning connector for easy file transfer between iOS devices and computers.

2 months ago
Google Camera update brings back self-timer and 16:9 crop

Another update of Google's Camera App includes self-timer, 16:9 aspect ratio and two more panorama modes.

2 months ago
LG releases G3 with QHD screen and laser-AF

LG's latest flagship phone comes with an ultra-high-resolution screen and a new type of AF-system in its camera.

2 months ago
HTC One M8 Camera Review

The HTC One M8 comes with an unrivaled imaging feature set but can it deliver in the image quality department?

2 months ago
Paul Trillo and Microsoft link 50 Lumia 1020s to create bullet effect

The "Lumia Arc of Wonder" combines 50 Nokia Lumia 1020s to create a "bullet effect".

2 months ago
Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet to replace laptops

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 offers the computing power of a PC in the shape of a tablet.

2 months ago
EyeEm announces festival and photo competition

EyeEm has announced its festival to be held in Berlin and world-wide photo competition. 

2 months ago
Centr captures 360-degree video at 4K resolution

The Centr camera stitches video from four cameras to create 360-degree panoramic video footage. 

2 months ago
Xiaomi introduces high-powered, low-priced Mi Pad tablet

Xiaomi's Mi Pad is a budget alternative to Apple's iPad Mini.

2 months ago
HTC One Mini 2 revealed, no more Ultrapixels

The HTC One Mini 2 is a downscaled and downgraded version of its One M8 flagship smartphone.

2 months ago
Google+ converts DSLR panoramas into Photo Spheres

Google has launched an update to Google Plus that allows for easy viewing of manually created 360-degree Photo Sphere images.

2 months ago
Lifelogger wants to record your life

The Lifelogger wearable camera attaches to your ear and records video from your point of view. 

2 months ago
Nokia releases update to its Camera Beta app

Nokia has released a new version of its Camera Beta app that includes an updated Cinemagraph feature and continuous AF. 

2 months ago
Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet

Lenovo unveils its latest 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, the ThinkPad 10.

2 months ago
Parrot launches drone with 14MP camera and 180-degree fisheye lens

Parrot has launched its Bebop drone that comes with a 14MP camera and 180 degree fisheye lens.

2 months ago
Software update speeds up Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

A new software update improves the startup time of the Galaxy S5 camera and gallery apps.

2 months ago
Senior Nokia imaging engineer is joining Apple

Nokia's head of PureView imaging is leaving the company at the end of June to join rival Apple.

2 months ago
Seene 3D photo app makers preview 360-degree scanning

The makers of the Seene 3D photo app are showing off a new 360-degree scanning feature. 

2 months ago
Vivo Xshot Android phone launches with ultrafast F1.8 lens

The China-only Vivo Xshot phone comes with a 13MP image sensor and an ultrafast F1.8 lens.

2 months ago
Apple aiming to use image stabilization to create high-resolution images

Apple has filed a patent for using a camera OIS and software stitching to create high-resolution images.

2 months ago
NightCap Pro enables ultra long exposures on the iPhone

NightCap Pro adds iPad support, low-light video recording and an unlimited exposure time mode. 

2 months ago
Huawei launches ultra slim Ascend P7 with 8MP front camera

Huawei's latest flagship phone also comes with a 13MP rear camera and 5-inch full-HD display.

2 months ago
Pressy gives your Android phone an extra button

The Pressy button adds an extra physical control to your Android phone.

3 months ago
Total: 1175, showing: 26 – 50
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