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Google+ converts DSLR panoramas into Photo Spheres

Google has launched an update to Google Plus that allows for easy viewing of manually created 360-degree Photo Sphere images.

5 months ago
Lifelogger wants to record your life

The Lifelogger wearable camera attaches to your ear and records video from your point of view. 

5 months ago
Nokia releases update to its Camera Beta app

Nokia has released a new version of its Camera Beta app that includes an updated Cinemagraph feature and continuous AF. 

5 months ago
Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet

Lenovo unveils its latest 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, the ThinkPad 10.

5 months ago
Parrot launches drone with 14MP camera and 180-degree fisheye lens

Parrot has launched its Bebop drone that comes with a 14MP camera and 180 degree fisheye lens.

5 months ago
Software update speeds up Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

A new software update improves the startup time of the Galaxy S5 camera and gallery apps.

5 months ago
Senior Nokia imaging engineer is joining Apple

Nokia's head of PureView imaging is leaving the company at the end of June to join rival Apple.

5 months ago
Seene 3D photo app makers preview 360-degree scanning

The makers of the Seene 3D photo app are showing off a new 360-degree scanning feature. 

5 months ago
Vivo Xshot Android phone launches with ultrafast F1.8 lens

The China-only Vivo Xshot phone comes with a 13MP image sensor and an ultrafast F1.8 lens.

5 months ago
Apple aiming to use image stabilization to create high-resolution images

Apple has filed a patent for using a camera OIS and software stitching to create high-resolution images.

5 months ago
NightCap Pro enables ultra long exposures on the iPhone

NightCap Pro adds iPad support, low-light video recording and an unlimited exposure time mode. 

5 months ago
Huawei launches ultra slim Ascend P7 with 8MP front camera

Huawei's latest flagship phone also comes with a 13MP rear camera and 5-inch full-HD display.

5 months ago
Pressy gives your Android phone an extra button

The Pressy button adds an extra physical control to your Android phone.

6 months ago
DxO launches upgrade for Optics Pro, now supports Nokia Lumia 1020

DxO has launched an upgrade of its Optics Pro software that now supports Nokia Lumia 1020 DNG Raw files.

6 months ago
Samsung launches Galaxy K Zoom with 10x optical zoom

Samsung releases the Galaxy K Zoom with slimmer body and 10x optical zoom.

6 months ago
Some Samsung Galaxy S5 units shipped with defective camera

On a small number of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, the camera unit gives a 'Camera Failed' error message. 

6 months ago
Apple patents 3D interactive hologram display system

Apple patents a 3D-display where users can interact with a projection image using gestures.

6 months ago
Famatic connects generations through digital picture frame

Famatic is a digital picture frame that connects to your Facebook and Instagram accounts so images are sent straight to the frame. 

6 months ago
OnePlus launches high-end smartphone at bargain price

OnePlus' first high-end smartphone offers all the bells and whistles of a flagship Android phone at a dramatically lower price.

6 months ago
Lensbaby adds Android option to its Kickstarter campaign

Lensbaby has added an Android option for its 'Sweet Spot' selective focus lens.

6 months ago
Nokia device division may become 'Microsoft Mobile'

A leaked letter supposedly reveals that the Nokia Services and Devices division will be renamed to 'Microsoft Mobile'.

6 months ago
Google Camera app now on Kitkat and adds Lytro-like effect

Google has launched a stand-alone camera app with a new 'Lens Blur' feature for Android 4.4 devices.

6 months ago
Google applies for contact lens camera patent

Google has filed a patent application for a micro camera module to go with its smart contact lens concept.

6 months ago
Sony releases update for QX10 and QX100 lens modules

The shutter button can now be used to pre-focus with a half-press which allows you to focus and recompose with the QX modules. 

6 months ago
Compact smartphone shootout: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact vs HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

We put three compact smartphones to the test under a range of shooting conditions.

6 months ago
Total: 1238, showing: 101 – 125
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