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  • I think in his wish list, he quite often mentions Olympus as a positive example.
    Said that this company is not as successful as I think it deserves to be.

  • @nomirror
    Not everybody wants a large system cam with changeable lenses.

  • Zephir, are you sure that YOU are already good enough for that "old" sensor?

  • Congrats, Mr Schmitt!
    You have found the ultimate way of wasting time and skills.
    You knew this before, right? Right???

  • You don't realize that this is not a hand model. She simply is a colleague from the office. It also is no commercial shooting in a studio for glossy adverts.
    So you should adjust your level of...

  • @JackM:
    So, judging by your comment, you already ordered one, right?

  • I disagree. I think that for the first time Nikon created decent styling for the 1 series.

    I don't know any camera that is uglier than the V2.

  • I sold my V1 after half a year. IQ was not the problem, but handling was. Control elements and firmware were purposely dumbed down to a level that I could not stand.
    The current model is surely...

  • Because most modern designs look like a bar of soap and lack buttons.

    Please stop spreading small bits of information all over the place with these annoying "slide shows". Constant clicking forward and scrolling up and down for reading the subtitles is a...

  • Lacikuss, these lenses do not in the slightest defeat the purpose of m43 as there already are many small and light-weight lenses for the system.
    These here simply are specialized for video rigs.

  • Commented on a preview

    Lacikuss: Sigma82 did not contradict hte numbers. What he probably meant: Don't only look at numbers, but also at the pics. I agree to this and already posted a link above.
    Of course you are free...

  • Commented on a preview

    Look here:

  • Yes, video may do the trick. Auto focus systems are quite bad at tracking a specific target.
    If they can put this into phones and specialized consumer video cameras, I see a real marketing chance...

  • Commented on a preview

    Lacikuss, you may be interested in this article:

    Megapixels are only one part of the equation. To most...

  • Commented on a preview

    For FF cameras, it is easier to match their sensor's resolution, because their sensor elements are much larger.

    Look at APS, e.g. Canon 7d. Even with a Zeiss Otus 1.4, you "only" get 77% of sensor...

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    Amazon already knows about this problem from other products. I read they throw buyers out who abuse their return policy.

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    Lacikuss, the reason is simple. Lenses are not perfect and each combination of sensor and lens behaves a little differently. Getting 12mp from a 16mp sensor means 75% reolution and is a very good...

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