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  • HowaboutRAW:
    You misunderstood: It is you, who is insecure. You are so disturbed by this image, that you feel the need to call it "sexualized". There's no need to enjoy this image "privately", as...

  • "is a highly sexualized image"
    No, it's not.
    Maybe, you should ask your wife, if you still feel insecure about it.
    And don't be afraid, she will not accuse you of looking at soft porn.

  • HowaboutRAW:
    You really seem to have an issue with this from my perspective, but I accept that you have different standards on depicting women.

    And btw: There's nothing to defend for me. If I want...

  • @HowaboutRAW:
    Don't know where you live, but in Europe a cleavage like this is not considered "softporn" - even in an office.
    Had you called the pose "sexy", then I could agree, although I consider...

  • If arrow keys and scroll wheel are difficult to use for you, maybe you should try a touch pad? There even are keyboards with integrated pads on the right hand side.
    There also is an extension for...

  • Whats your problem? The site works fine for me and shows classy photos.
    Do you use an old browser?

  • Softporn? You have a very strong imagination!
    I see a beautiful young woman in a fashionable, low cut blouse.
    She could even wear it in an office without problems.
    There is nothing falling out as...

  • Very sad.
    I have a motor-zoom flash unit from Metz that I bought for my Olympus C-5050 in the year 2003. Together with an adapter it gave me true TTL capability.

    It still works like new.

  • The Fujis have excellent lenses, too, but they are larger and heavier. Their handling can also be quite irritating. Their sensors show very little noise but are not as sharp as m43.
    As a system I'd...

  • She usually writes fiction. This may be an explanation for that funny choice of expression.

  • Stephen, the author probably doesn't understand it either.
    She writes up a few news for dpreview, but does not seem to have a deep enough knowledge for judging such a camera.

  • @Barney: This can change quicker than you might think... :-)

  • @Howabout, I know, I didn't complain about the price.
    US consumers will still not understand it. :-)

  • ... says someone who can't even read an article.

  • Try to find such a 'kit lens' from any other brand!

  • Justme, you are probably right, but this is a problem of US consumers: Their uncritical brand loyalty makes them blind to quality.
    Very hard for a company to change this and low pricing alone will...

  • Commented on Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview

    Carta, this is the problem with teenagers: they are not smart enough for sensible buying decisions and yet you have to fund them as parents. :-)

  • Commented on Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview

    Mcolvin1, both cameras have nothing in common. If size is not your priority, why look at the Canon at all?

  • Commented on Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview

    My post is not about IQ, dude.

  • Commented on Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview

    Canon probably should have also bought the image processor from Sony. It really is a shame that they were unable to give it proper performance.

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