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  • @Maverick: Not a troll?
    Maybe you should start arguing instead of simply posting silly claims like the one with the smartphone... then you might be able to convince others that you are NOT a troll.

  • There's always something utterly idiotic about these Nikons:
    V1 had a crippled mode dial this one has fiddly micro SD.

    I'd really like to meet the guy at Nikon who is coming up with these...

  • @Steppenwolf:
    You should learn to understand the context. Chiane spoke about zooms. So did I.

    Do you really think I did not know about primes?

  • Added 5 photos to their gallery
    XZ2_P6091288r: Düsseldorf, Parliament BuildingXZ2_P6091252: DüsseldorfXZ2_P6091283: Düsseldorf, Parliament BuildingXZ2_P6081214: MönchengladbachXZ2_P6011393r: Castle Nürburg
  • Added 7 photos to their gallery
    XZ1_PB061972: At night in Duisburg, Industrial ParkXZ1_PB061976: At night in Duisburg, Industrial ParkXZ1_P9030283XZ1_P8131580XZ1_P9030125XZ1_P7171332XZ1_P6011121: Mallorca
  • Is the lens even better than the pankake from GM1?

  • How many bright pancake-lenses do you know?
    Small and bright does not work together - at least not with current technology.
    Buy the 12-40/2.8, if you need it.

  • Wow, this would be really revolutionary. Thanks for the link.

  • Edgar, I think you can simulate this by using the studio comparison tool:
    Set the smaller sensor camera to base ISO and the larger to equiv. ISO.

    Even a bright compact with a tiny sensor can get...

  • @rfsIII: In theory you might be right about sharpness, but simply take a look at the pics and compare FF/5.6 to 1"/2.0:
    Do you see any difference in sharpness?
    I don't.

  • Incredible resolution and excellent colors:

    Maybe, Foveon...

  • Incredible resolution and excellent colors:

    Maybe, Foveon...

  • The video was recorded with the same camera model.

  • Tell this to the pro in the video who is earning money by using a totally inferior system (according to your comment).

  • @termite:
    You are plain wrong. The numbers are not marketing, but the correct optical description of the lens.

    Regarding eDOF:
    Most buyers of compacts care more about speed than DOF, because it...

  • @David: I was referring to XS1 when I listed Stylus 1 as alternative. I know that it is not in the same class as FZ1000.

    For me though, size matters more than a slight increase in IQ. Besides, in...

  • Very hard to tell...
    FZ1000 only wins if it is more than one stop better and at least as sharp as FZ200.

    I expect, the FZ1000 will be a little better, but only at pixel level.

    My experience:...

  • If 28-300mm is enough and size is critical, I recommend Olympus Stylus 1 as alternative:

    F2.8, light, fast & easy with a large & sharp EVF.

    Here's an interesting review about...

  • A faster lens has nothing to do with iq?
    This is true only if there is enough light.

  • Same for me.
    If size is crucial, I can recommend Olympus Stylus 1:
    Very fast and easy to handle, very good lens & iq and still very portable.
    If you like to read a well done...

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