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  • Could not agree more with you. Fluff.

  • Well, I use 11 and I find it way way better than 10, which is what I upgraded from. Where I see the difference is in the enhancements, the conversion to B&W and the actual user interface.

  • So nothing professional, just a bunch of amateur stuff.

    For my money, they should have a full set of curves. Actually, all I would want for Elements is:

    1. Real curves
    2. Ability to write...

  • yes. That is a real pain. Royal actually.

  • Absolutely. the NEX would have an edge on 2 things: extended ISO and less noise I think.

    However, I am not an absolutist, I don't think this is a this versus that choice. I liked the X20 for many...

  • darngooddesign... must be awful to be you! Living life literally. You can't recognize a ribbing comment if it bites you in the ass.

  • Ozyzy - In a concert situation, i find the X20 will hold its own against SLR's on a couple of fronts:

    1. Very small, non-intrusive so what I find is that I can go straight into the musicians and...

  • Meh. What's the point of spending a ton of money if your other photographer friends are not going to salivate?

  • I bought the X20 at $600 and have never ever looked back. It is an amazing camera. There are two areas in which I found it to excel:

    1. Street photography, where the camera is as unobstrusive as...

  • Excellent article --certainly it taught me a lot. From the many posts below it seems to have hit a real need. Thanks.

  • We need the android version

  • This camera is so underwhelming. Really, for $2,000 you have so many better choices and especially when it comes to lenses. 3.5 to 5.6's are kit lens territory, not serious photography tools

  • So... following Leica's journey from real camera to fashion accesory, Hasselblad --up until now the standard in large format photography-- has also become a fashion accesory and "certifies" cell...

  • Commented on Am I missing something here? article

    @Rastad - as I said, I tried them. My sister bought them. I found them really really bad. Sorry, but I am not buying that particular Nikon brand. And, no, the X20 is just not "pocketable" at ALL....

  • Oh... Liz Z. ... if I actually cared about your opinion, I might even feel remotely uneasy or something. But... truly... I couldn't care less. If you can't even recognize a mild joke, hey, your...

  • @MarcLee - it is academic now. I tried the GX1 and found the shutter lag horrible, so I purchased the Fuji X20 which has zero lag and great optics.

  • Commented on Am I missing something here? article

    People complain about the usage too. My sister bought one (the one without the viewfinder, the J? V? Something like that) and it sucked major... major! The image quality was miserable, the screen...

  • Commented on Am I missing something here? article

    Just to be sure... if silent shutters are so important (and to me, they are), the Fuji X20 is silent, the Panasonic Lumixes are silent. Doesn't seem to be a big deal.

  • Commented on Am I missing something here? article

    Ecopix - with respect to Roland Barthes... really, so what? You could apply the phrase to any camera.

    The little Nikons are really not to be taken seriously and the market was highly reflective...

  • RDMPhotos


    But Kodak is out of business.

    Nikon is not. Canon is not. Sony is not. A bunch of other companies are not.

    So, whether they invented digital photography in 1975 or June 21st,...

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