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  • The E-M5 II shoots 40mp only with a tripod, with 2-3 second exposure and minimum aperture of f/8.
    So your comparison is moot.

  • The E-M5 II shoots 40mp only with a tripod, with 2-3 second exposure and minimum aperture of f/8.
    So your comparison is moot.
    And it's near impossible to shoot portraiture in that mode.
    You might...

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    Probably film cameras RichRMA :p

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    Did you read the rest of the interview?
    They wouldn't be able to make such high grade lenses if it wasn't for their camera/sensor division.

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    A refreshingly insightful interview.
    Void of any marketing BS and knocking of other brands.
    Olympus, Nikon and Canon execs should take note here.

  • Exposure time would have varied depending on whether it was direct sunlight or indoor window lit, and the sensitivity of the emulsion.
    Typically would have been between 1 and 3 ISO.
    I've had indoor...

    As someone who has been collecting British glass plate photographs from the early 1900's I am just in an inspired awe. I really need to contact print some of mine and do the...

  • Reliance on technology to overcome poor technique and skills.
    You're right, that's a big market to cater to.

  • Lol.. you could shoot with hyperfocal settings or a better angle so everything is in focus anyway. People have been shooting tennis just fine with the ball in focus so far...
    If you're talking...

  • HowaboutRAW: You're making a pretty loose connection there.
    By thought process I am talking about design, script, storyboarding etc in pro video.
    The only thing that todays action cams and drones...

  • Higher resolutions? Higher bitrates? Higher framerates?
    The way people make it is still the same. The thought process has not changed for pro video. Albeit being able to put smaller cameras on...

  • Well if the new tech is for pro video, then what kind of resolution, frame rates and resulting file sizes will we expect? Special software to edit the proprietary files in a very limited...

  • Absolutely!
    It says a lot about the (lack of) importance of gear.
    I look back at some of Nadar's work and see what he was able to create with such little at hand and it's inspirational.
    Also some...

  • Just shoot film already.
    Why try and hark back to the simplicity of the olden days by creating something new, when the old stuff is still available and still works fine?
    4" screen on the back?...

  • What are you talking about?
    Nikon makes mirrorless and compact cameras as well??

  • Thanks, I'm not at all interested in purchasing this product since I don't have a MAC and I already have a graphics tablet. So downloading it would be pointless.

  • I wonder how it would play with the users palm resting on the ipad while drawing with the pen. Found it really unintuitive to hover my hand while drawing when using other ipad pen options. I...

  • You can't troll a former troll En Trance ;)

    A. I don't have an iphone.
    B. Using (predominately) painters as an example might further your limited argument but we are actually talking about...

  • Actually En Trance, the most popular and well known photographs seem to be photojournalism shots that define a major event or portray famous people.
    And the list of 20 most expensive photographs...

  • I like looking at these :)
    There is one of the Leica Tri-Elmar lenses as well which look amazing.
    Anyone have links to videos of cameras and lenses being cut in half?
    The little boy in me would get...

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