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  • How about giving it to A6000?

  • Like 80% of the people who are not on Linux/OS X? That can't easily run Darktable?

    Or people who don't have access to self-installed desktop apps, and change computers a lot, but still want to...

  • It's not only the noise and dynamic range.

    7S can actually focus in near-dark whereas 7R hunts.

    Different cameras for different uses.

    7S is the reigning available low light king.

  • In your future tests, I hope you will test video resolving capabilities at full open and stopped down. Most are not testing video resolution and this "4K video" is getting totally out of hand. 99%...

  • GH4 sensor is dinky. It's f/0.95 lens provides much less light per pixel than a full-frame f/0.95 lens.

    So no, GH4 still does not break the laws of physics and any competently designed full-frame...

  • 50 down-sampled with a divisor of 9 (3*3) will give each resulting pixel a below average noise of 3*3 pixels.

    And give a 5.5 Mpix image, more than enough for most.

    The only thing this baby needs...

  • Tried WP8.1. Horrible lack of basic functionality starting from basic copy/paste functions down to having a usable browser on the device (no, IE sucks for power users). And MS is not going to...

  • @Lars Rehm

    The deal is almost finished and MS mobile phone unit (ex-Nokia) _IS_ shipping 3 Android phones in Asia.


  • Yes, this is a huge phone! The screen is nice, but the size for a fully grown man like myself (6') is still too big to be lugged around daily.

  • Unfortunately, I agree.

    WP is an ecosystem wasteland. It's not a smartphone system, it's a feature phone system, almost as good as Symbian was at it's best.

    A good camera does not a smartphone...

  • They sold all the people, tech & know how to MS as well with the phone unit.

    All they have left is some tech patents, and they'd rather just license those.

    You may not have noted, but Nokia got...

  • They sold all the related people, tech & know how to MS along with the phone unit.

    All they have left on the imaging side is some tech patents, and they'd rather just license those.

    You may not...

  • @HappyVan

    Nikon this, Nikon that. Just like a sub-par result producing cameras or are you paid to astroturf?

    I have had tons of cameras, and shoot most of my "accidental" photos now on my main...

  • Considering that smartphones have already killed Canon's pocket camera sales, they should perhaps view their business differently.

    I can't understand how slow and tired Canon has become.


  • It may shoot 4K, but the chip+optics is great if it resolves more than 600 lines vertical.

    So much for specsmanship...

  • in 1080 resolution only 50i / 60 i video.

    This is 2014, Nikon.

    You failed.


    Sony will eat those for lunch. The rest will go to Fuji and Canon at the super-zoom range.

  • Shadow2,

    Consumer. Which part of that word did you not understand.

    Consumer <> Pro.

    Pro market will be alive and fragrant in 10, 100 years.

    Consumer market changes much faster.

  • They could solve this by offering GREAT video.

    But all of them, including Canon and Sony, have been trying to micro-segment and also protect their precious pro-video segment.

    They don't...

  • Very good for social media low-res sharing photos and for a camera that is always on you. Unlike that RX100 or that Canon 5d MK II.

  • Nice, but when it it barely resolves 600 lines over the whole vertical screen area, where you get the stabilization line space from?

    Yes, you can stabilize, but you'll be throwing away resolving...

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