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  • Strange it isn't compatible. Nevertheless, you can always use desktop stitchers - for example, Hugin o MS ICE. I bet they're far superior to Google's stitcher.

  • Strange it isn't compatible. Nevertheless, you can always shoot a lot of stills on your phone even using its stock Camera app and, then, use desktop stitchers - for example, Hugin or MS ICE. I bet...

  • "he real shame is that they don't have anything that sits price wise between the SEL1650/SEL1855 and the Zeiss 16-70/4.0 (which really is excellent). Sony have managed to produced excellent...

  • "right some only shoot jpeg, but then you can't adjust WB after the fact well."

    Sure. This is why I generally shoot RAF + JPEG on my X-E1, even if I seldom PP my (mostly family) images. RAW's are...

  • "It is a bold claim, but if the camera shoots raw, jpeg quality is not the way to judge a camera's IQ."

    Well, a lot of us love excellent OOC JPEG's to avoid having to do any PP.

  • (contd from above)

    This is why camera geeks (and even this site! See its A6000 review and compare their praising of the 12-32) tend to "trash" the 16-50. Sony could surely have produced something...

  • "The 16mm end of the SEL1650 that is noticeably weaker than the rest of the zoom range... but for a kit lens, it falls into the range that most lenses fall (basically very average)."

    I don't think...

  • "That's an very bold claim"

    Exactly. I really don't think the Samsung JPEG engine has magically been fixed and can now beat that of Fuji or Oly...

  • "Wouldn't it be a lot easier and more meaningful to type 16mm instead of 24 mm equivalent?"

    It is, but as I very frequently refer to the m43 12-32 Pana in posts about pancake kit lens, I tend to...

  • "So even you don't care about the camera. :)"

    Yup, not about this one. However, the new lens itself is much-much more interesting - did they manage to beat the Sony 16-50?

  • Already done. Nevertheless, as a camera geek and architecture photographer for some smaller Finnish towns / villages, I'm very frequently asked for my opinion on camera purchasing. This is why I'm...

  • In XDA-Devs we trust ;-)

  • Well, given that there still isn't a single Android handset to dethrone the 808 (or even the 1020), I can rightfully assume Nokia could have been much more successful with high-end Android...

  • Well, I do. I'm certainly interested in, if nothing else, Samsung's excellent lens lineup.

    Of course the x000 series is too basic / entry-level for me, though. A decent x00 or x0 series (that is,...

  • Well, I do. I'm certainly interested in, even if the Samsung bodies don't exactly entice me, Samsung's excellent lens lineup.

    Of course the x000 series is too basic / entry-level for me, though. A...

  • "It's an inexpensive kit lens. What do you want? "

    The Pana 12-32 is also inexpensive (and is TINY). On paper, the Fuji 18-55 also is (and, size difference aside, the 16-50 definitely is) a kit...

  • DPReview, please consider including a shot of at the, for compact 24mm equiv zooms, most problematic FL (that is, at 24mm equiv), wide open and at f/5.6 and f/8, of, say, a brick wall. A lot of us...

  • The iPhone6 will be a major release. For example, the sweep pano implementation has always one of the best in iPhones - and is orders of magnitude better than that of Sony (or, for that matter,...

  • " The OP mentioned that he didn't want a "slow and bulky" zoom; the 16-50pz is not bulky, although it is "slow". "

    I wish the only problem with the 16-50PZ was being "slow"...

  • Yuck. Sounds awful. I won't be recommending Sony smartphones to friends, then. (So far, I've told them to go for them if they like flashy and, most importantly, water resistant stuff.)

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