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  • Any info on why it's been removed from the AppStore? Just was going to purchase and thoroughly test it.

  • I wish I had the time - have been very busy lately. Nevertheless, I'm just working on the latest series of my How-to articles on iOS photography. I'll publish my iOS Time Lapse bible very soon.
  • It takes excellent ones - even the S4. See for example ...
  • Both the iPhone 5s and the Samsung S5 takes excellent sweep panos. You can't go wrong with either if panos are important for you. Nevertheless, they may still be significantly inferior to stiched ...
  • ""Why?" Android + F3.1-6.3 combo. Worst from both worlds."

    Lolz. WRT Android, you certainly don't know what you're speaking about. Or, just don't want to learn anything more complicated than iOS...

  • Exactly. We Nokia 808 users have all been doing the same - an Android-based, large-sensor camera with a non-zoom (prime) lens.

  • "Like I said, If you like peripheral distortion and don't care about vertical being vertical then there's nothing wrong with an UWA."

    A lot of people shoot with UWA lens just to make use of this...

  • "I don't think having wider than 27mm is really all that important. "

    YOU don't think. A lot of happy UWA users think otherwise. Even the mount system-specific DPR forums are full of discussions...

  • "The point is you are not "limited" to either a mechanical or electronic shutter, you can choose with the 1 series."

    So can you with the Pana cameras I've listed even between every single shot.


  • "The point is you are not "limited" to either a mechanical or electronic shutter, you can choose with the 1 series."

    So can you with the Pana cameras I've listed even between every single shot.


  • Nope, it's not being "small" that is the problem - after all, some recent, decent cameras (RX10, all RX100's, FZ1000) also have a 1" sensor. It's delivering significantly worse noise performance...

  • "Want to do some time lapse photos without exceeding the shutter life of your dSLR? How about a selectable mechanical or electronic shutter? "

    You can do the same (full electronic shutter) on...

  • The automatic DR is really poor. I'd, for quick shooting, prefer it to work the same way as does the one in Pana's GM1 or Fuji's all X-system cameras - that is, intelligent scene examination and...

  • Excerpt from the article: "you start to expect more from the 1" sensor when larger sensor cameras with better lens options are available for less money (Sony a6000, Olympus OM-D E-M10)"

    I would...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview

    The kit lenses are more than reasonably priced. And you can always use the new, very cheap but having great IQ XC lenses on the E2.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview

    Their current models - sure. Their previous ones, most of them delivering exactly the same IQ (but, obviously, not the same AF speed)? Nope - they have excellent price/performance ratio. This is...

  • It can. Yup, AVCHD support was only added to the desktop iMovie / Final Cut X, not to iOS. Fortunately, many non-entry-level cameras defaulting to AVCHD also allow for recording into MP4 files. ...
  • Smearing is awful even at base ISO. In no way a contest to the Nokia 808 WRT plain still IQ.

    I *really* hope Samsung comes out with a Nokia 808-alike - with a huge sensor and great (prime) lens....

  • Neither have var. aperture. Only the Nokia N86 had it.
  • "Most"? Just don't forget we Europeans don't have access to most of those sites / sales...

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