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  • the 6D also had pretty bad shadows

  • "Nothing personal, just wondering why people keep buying these is all?"

    for the vast majority: it's called Canon.
    for the minority: already being in the Canon system and/or wanting to get some...

  • "The influx of people in the Samsung forums on these boards, all NX1 related, is quite astounding. I have been there for several years and the new message rate is much higher now. Almost all NX1...

  • Home Betamax != broadcast Beta systems. They have little to do with each other (except for the name).

  • Mostly because of the sensor issues? ;)

    Joking aside: because, after all, it's Canon. Not for us enthusiasts looking for the absolutely best IQ but for the masses, it's THE Camera Company.

  • It does. See for example my very thorough RAW developer comparisons here in the X forums.

  • "I don't expect Fuji to kill off the X-E series.
    Fuji is playing it smart."

    Well, their killing the X-E2 updates is not very convincing. I'd bet they'll kill the entire rangefinder range (except...

  • Dunno - on the X-E1, I've never had accidental rear dial clicks (aperture setting vs. zoomed-in view for MF). I don't think the X-T10 is worse.

  • It's not the Denoise checkbox that disables the default NR and oversharpening of the Note4. It enables Snap's own (and, regrettably, not very good and not recommended - see my latest Note4 article ...
  • I've answered almost all possible questions (RAW shooting, apps to increase IQ etc) in my Note4 shooting series, of which several has been cross-posted to this very forum. The last installment is ...
  • Replied in Part II out
    Have you enabled Samsung mode? There may also be a dedicated checkbox on the S4 too and it may not be enabled by default.
  • "And again do you want 180 pictures of 50MP in size? You are looking at an extremely specialized application. "

    (Multi-)gigapixel panos. Done by a lot of people.

  • "What's the point of this camera when you have the Nikon D810 & Sony A7r? Is Canon just saying mine is bigger than yours?"

    The A7r is severely flawed in many respects. Most importantly, compressed...

  • "Is this a good example of people pointing out DR deficiencies and ignoring other things that the engineers are doing?"

    No it isn't. A lot of us have considered these new beasts as some MF-alikes...

  • "Bracketing with this camera will give you far better results than if "didn't bother with AE bracketing and subsequent HDR stitching" is a very casual holiday type of photography, unless you are...

  • Thanks, I've missed them. Will try to push the shadows of the one at (the online JPEG conversions are nothing to...

  • Thanks, I've missed them. Will try to push the shadows of the one at (the online JPEG conversions, converted by...

  • "It's not hard to bracket and a couple clicks in LR6 does the rest."

    With this camera, you indeed must AE bracket to achieve good DR. With the current crop of (better) Sony / Samsung / Nikon...

  • You mean the JPEG ones at ? (That's their only article of their own, in addition to the pretty shallow and information-void preview.)

  • Ouch. DR sucks. I won't be getting this for some serious (read: massive shadow pulling) panorama shooting, I'm sure.

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