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  • "Whoa, ISO200 and look at that grain in the sky! Is this the beta firmware?"

    We're speaking of non-X-trans APS-C / non-Full Frame sensors. Of course skies will always be grainy. Show me an APS-C...

  • "1502 posts... about this camera. That must be kind of a record this year..."

    Nope, the RX100MkIII was well over 2000 (most of which was, later, deleted, when the final review was published).

  • "one suspects that the RAW converter is applying more chroma noise suppression to the D7100 files by default."

    The default CNR setting of most RAW developers is the first thing anyone should...

  • It's still a long way from even the iPhone 6 (Plus), let alone the best of current (which rules out the 1020 / 808) phones, the Note 4. Unfortunately, the Z3 lens is pretty bad in the corners (or ...
  • Now that all major DSLR / MILC manufacturers are listed (incl. even Pentax), let's also add Fuji, with the BEST kit zooms and very good noise performance one can ever dream of ;)

  • Still, you can't meaningfully compare the lens lineup of Sony E to that of Canon... for example, Canon's lens lineup is by far the best if you want the cheapest UWA option.

    Unfortunately, it's...

  • Again: it's simply impossible a capacitive pen can be used as effectively as a Wacom / N-trig one.

    Otherwise, Microsoft, Samsung and other Wacom / N-trig producers simply wouldn't bother with...

  • Well, I take my X-E1 with me almost everywhere. It doesn't weigh much and it produces significantly better images than even my Nokia 808 (which is also always with me). (And it also has better IQ...

  • The Z3 is equally cr@ppy. Just check out for example the image at (linked from...

  • The Z3 is equally cr@ppy. Just check out for example the image at (linked from...

  • "I've used Wacom pens with my Macs many times and I still get along fine with capacitive pens. Its obvious you like to push your agenda as hard as you can."

    OK, I let you praise capacitive pens....

  • "My iPhone 5 has horrible distortion at the top and bottom of the frame (in portrait mode)."

    May be a defective unit? The iPhone 5 has quite a decent lens. Actually, it's significantly sharper...

  • The best camera is always the one with you.

  • "Using those with my Mac has not taken away the enjoyment I get from drawing on my iPad."

    Again: even a resistive, old-school pen would be an order of magnitude better, let alone a proper radio...

  • "Guess you have never used a digitizer pen with tilt and pressure sensitivity."

    He surely haven't. Otherwise, he wouldn't call a cr@ppy capacitive pen great. He doesn't know what he's missing.

  • "You can use a stylus with any of the iOS devices."

    A capacitive (read: crappy, unexact, obscuring the screen, awkward), yes. Hell, they're even worse than resistive styli of the pre-iPhone times...

  • "They good indeed to make photo of numberplate of other party involved in accident, but this is about it."

    They do have their place under the Sun.

    - "The best camera is always the one with you"

  • "Honestly, a stylus on a smartphone is a limited niche that maybe 1 in 50 even care about, if that many."

    On a small (conventional PDA / smartphone) screen, maybe. Nevertheless, the Note screens...

  • "no stylus and I doubt we will see one on an iPhone anytime soon."

    And what is worse, the iPad is also unlikely to receive it either - unless there indeed is an iPad Pro in work. Nevertheless, if...

  • *yawn*

    No one stated 4K is better than stills photos shot with decent gear. It's, however, sometimes useful to be able to rely on just shooting an event and grab the best frames afterwards. With...

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