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  • *sigh*. Clicking 'stepped' aperture controls are going to affect which more: Stills or Video?

  • Canon has never been a giant in video. Ever.

  • @ Just a photographer... Maybe stick to your day job? Canon TV cameras... give me a break! Canon are a joke in pro video, just accept and move on, they have other strengths... like photocopiers and...

  • What do you mean? 2014 marks the year that Canon finally released a (non macro) EF-S prime lens to really offer up some great support for their new system that is only what 12 years old? It has...

  • Yeah I think it was only like 5 years ago that 1080/60p was the next big iteration in video, good to see Canon staying on the forefront.

  • @ Donnie G - "That's no reason, especially when those competitors are drowning in red ink and your company is the healthy one. :)" So if say, Google, make a video camera THAT is what you will use...

  • @ Just a Photographer - Uhm well there is the 28-135mm f4 G cine (ENG) lens.

    Also you do realise that Sony is THE leader in professional video. You don't buy stuff from piddly little Canon in Pro...

  • They are though. I understand the appeal when DSLR video came out as the ONLY way to achieve large sensor video, but times have changed. If you want to shoot video even a hybrid camera will do A...

  • Presumably you mean August THIS year?

  • I presume they mean for a live view feed.

  • Not really.

  • The big news here (forget the bickering about Android v iOS below) is the touch friendly Photoshop that is finally getting announced for Windows...

  • For video you need unstepped aperture, for stills you don't. Yes it is very nice to have a control ring on the lens for sure and the new 35mm f1.4 as well, but for video it is needed if you are...

  • Yes I find it interesting in the time it has taken to do a single update to a popular DSLR an entire new category of camera have been born, flourished and been honed into quite competitive devices....

  • A glorious one?

  • The thing to remember is these things are always 'on paper'. Thing is it might be able to track under ideal lighting conditions and blah blah with certain lenses, but on sensor PDAF has proven not...

  • Every time I read that 'serious Canon mirrorless is coming soon' gets me excited and then remember the 'we are already serious about mirrorless', this just says to me:

    EOS-M = Serious

  • Err what? Could you show me the lens roadmap that wasn't delivered?

  • Weird, I could have sworn you had a post about the optical qualities of the adapters.

    Anyway, agree with pretty much everything you said. The comments about resolution and colour are in response...

  • I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Converters like this actually work rather well when they are designed for the lens and even part of the optical design from the get-go. The Sony ones for the...

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