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  • Yes I suspect this will be better stopped down two stops over the 24-105mm wide open. Probably significantly so. Less so at say f8 but there may still be 'some' difference, as one would expect when...

  • Walking 10m in a crowded room where people will get in the way and or the way of the shot OR changing lenses, either way means missing the moment.

    There is a big difference between 24mm and 35mm.

  • That IS the difference. If you feel 9mm is more important than double the light then the Tamron is the obvious choice... Ah choice isn't it nice?

  • I say the FZ1000, the extra resolution (MP) and likely resolving power should compensate for the extra telephoto of the FZ300 and the extra stop at the long end. The FZ300 has some kind of weather...

  • Primes only, a Leica M of some sort, no IBIS..: should have just bought a M8.

    The Panasonic is not a Leica, not even similar apart from something similar in the shape (but on closer inspection...

  • Why would anyone wish for Olympus interface? The rest seems to be pretty much there, more or less.

  • They put the aperture ring on the wrong one!

  • Also the 1/4000th shutter speed being available while wide open is a huge plus, really wish my old one and X100S did that.

  • Yes the old model had been discounted as it was, wait for it, old. At launch the GR was $800 so now this is $100 cheaper than the old version. Doesn't add that much, sure, but neither do lots of...

  • 'Fuji would just release a firmware update (or two, or three...), and wouldn't bother with re-badging the camera.'

    Wow I find this insanely hilarious! Fuji really have done a marketing number with...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Under what conditions and settings did you find you had issues with the A6000 in low light? Unfortunately people just assume a DSLR approach to them and this doesn't always work.

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Focussing at the taking aperture has an advantage with focus shift issues, obviously stopping down reduces focus shift, but you have to stop down a fair bit, it is in those middle ranges where...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Depends what kind of tracking really, but due to compression objects moving toward or away from the camera 'appear' to do so more slowly than a short FL lens at a much closer distance. Add that the...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    It's better. It may not be able to claim 'world's fastest under xzy scenario blah blah', but it has far better control logic which was sorely lacking on my A6000.

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Sorry no. Sony creates a set of features on the body, they don't make the adapters or how they 'translate'. It is up to the manufacturer of the adapter to make their adapter work properly. Rishi...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Yes because all other brands work so well with all other lenses? And Canon / Nikon are so very renowned for their firmware updates...

    It isn't Sony's job nor intention to make their cameras 100%...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    'The a7S did focus in lower light than anything we've ever tested, but it would take forever, slowly hunting before actually nailing it in very dim conditions.'

    I have always wondered what...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    As a side note, shouldn't that be in the text rather than a blanket 'those focus modes are not available to adapted lenses'?

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    I had the same issues with advanced mode on the older cameras, simply will not lock focus, but does enable other features. That's quite interesting at least those options open up, I wonder it this...

  • Commented on Sony: An eye on focus article

    Every camera seems to get loads of coverage. Sony release more cameras than anyone else (not because they upgrade every two seconds like people seem to believe, but because they compete and bring...

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