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  • And yet, Sony QX1, £249.99 on Amazon. If you insist on having a kludge camera add on, at least go for a decent one. I'll save for a proper ILC

  • And yet, no proper flash. The n82, n8-00, 808, gs4zoom, k zoom along with many others laugh at your pathetic LED... I understand xenon isn't perfect in every situation but there's no excuse for not...

  • I never put any stock in dxomark. Hell, they think the Sony z2, 3, iphone 6/+, and so on have better cameras than an 808 Pureview. Proof in my eyes that there's little scientific about their tests....

  • Nokia N90? 😉

  • No response to this is wrong of course, but I do feel more proud of the insect/animal shots I took on my Nokia N8 (max 1 shot per 2s!) than on my fz200/rx100 simply because its a piece of cake now....

  • If Panasonic make it weather resistant too then they'll have my money!

  • Honestly my favourite gallery from the web anywhere. Now to order the book!

  • I actually much prefer the look although I'm not sure whether I'll get that or the GX7.

  • That's what I said? I said the wp8 one is missing the multi-select option from the official apps on android and ios.

  • And the 1520/930 also beat them all hands down currently. Yes I'm biased to the natural looking pictures that Nokias make but I can enhance those if I want to. With Lumia Camera 5 and Lumia Camera...

  • Surely we'd get better results with an 808/1020's lossless zoom anyway? They have the same pixel size (larger for the 808) and you'll get a constant F2.2/F2.4(?)....

    Rough and quick maths but it...

  • The deciding factor for me will come down to useable features.

    I like and am familiar with the Sony and Panasonic UI's. But if I'm going to spend a significant amount of money on lenses etc I want...

  • A skill many people lack. The amount of times I hear someone running down this phone/this tablet because of features/lack of that were well advertised is depressing...

    That'd be like me sitting...

  • I got the feeling the article was trying to create a little bit of a counterbalance to what seems to be a storm of press influencing newcomers/beginners such as myself that they'll never be happy...

  • I think it saves all photos with the date of the first one saved in each session. Need to test further.

  • Yet it will probably be less optimised than any of the more mainstream androids, so performance will likely be poor-mid range rather than high. Half baked efforts always are.

  • If this came with wifi too so I could instantly connect and transfer between my L930 and FZ200/RX100 then it would be an instant buy for me. As it is it just leaves me scratching my head.

    Love my...

  • @citrontokyo it is advertised that there is a pass through feature to let you use your home wifi through the card to save switching all the time.

    Or you can just use Android that does it for you...

  • Flashair Photos. Like I say it's only really missing the multi-select and download option from Android/iOS official apps.

    One small bug is that it seems to change the date taken occasionally, so I...

  • There's even a reasonably good app for Windows Phone (shocking I know), which could just do with an option for multiple downloads...

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