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  • I'm not ignorant of the vignetting and distortion issues caused by the peripheral ray angle of WA M-mount lenses on FF sensors. However, that effect is diminished and practically invisible with...

  • 577 dpi?

    When will phone manufacturers get it into their numb-skulls that more than ~400dpi is a complete waste of resources, screen brightness and battery life. There's no way a 5.1" screen needs...

  • If you wanted an APS-C camera to stick behind Leica glass in this day and age, surely you'd buy an a6000 or one of the Samsung NX family?! Why bother with a 4 year old kludge like the GXR+A12?

  • Commented on Nikon D7200 Review preview

    But surely it's irrelevant - this is an SLR? All SLRs, with the exception of SLTs (which, yes, are SLRs by definition) have an OVF - thus it's not a 'plus point' but merely part of the expected...

  • Commented on Nikon D7200 Review preview

    Personally, as somebody who doesn't shoot action, I would never go back to an OVF - the OVF on a crop sensor camera is far smaller than high-end EVFs now, manual focus with EVFs is infinitely...

  • I believe ADC is on-sensor with Sony et-al and off-sensor with Canon. Which explains everything, I suppose.

  • I believe ADC is on-sensor with Sony et-al and off-sensor with Canon. Which explains everything, I suppose.

    Edit: As stated by BarnET above. No idea why that post wasn't showing up when I replied.

  • I think you'll find that's a 'troll'...

  • I'm fairly certain you're correct about that; my M3 doesn't go past 70mm! The RX100M1/2 lens is a 28-100mm f/5-f/13 equivalent in FF terms and the Q7 + 07 lens is a 30-90 f/12 equivalent on full...

  • The one M9 with sensor plaque I've seen looked nothing like this, it appeared more like the cover glass had come away from the sensor over about half of its area.

  • I don't understand your point. Yes, stopping down that far will reduce detail due to diffraction. But what has that got to do with this issue? This isn't a photographic advice thread on the forum,...

  • If having widespread private gun ownership doesn't increase gun crime, then can somebody please explain to me why the US has BY FAR the highest per-capita gun crime rates in the developed...

  • @mpgxsvcd What has your opinion on good photography got to do with this camera? Sure, it might not be optimal in most circumstances to shoot at f/32 but we can presume that since they put an f/32...

  • What? Because they're almost universally GOOD, so we can stop obsessing over the minutiae of difference between competing models and focus (har har) on taking pictures?

  • Even Sony (Tamron) lenses are pretty good these days. I bought the crappy 28-75 2.8 rather than the 24-70 Zeiss, because I couldn't see a great deal of difference. Zeiss' bokeh is a bit nicer than...

  • Am I going mad? All the comments here are really positive, but to my eyes, this looks dreadful. In most of the wide shots, this _camera_ has worse IQ than my _smartphone_ in broad daylight. Even...

  • I don't think it's got anything to do with proofreading. 'Off of' is widely used and most likely has been since long before Shakespeare did so. It might not be the most eloquent phraseology and you...

  • Commented on Sony SLT-A77 II Review preview

    I've just traded in my a99, a55, NEX-5N and RX100 for an a7II, a6000 and RX1000 III. As a committed MF user (well, sometimes I use AF, but usually just the centre point) I'm probably not the...

  • Oops! Well, Olympus, Nikon, what difference does it make so far as video goes? :P

  • Oops! Well, Olympus, Nikon, what difference does it make so far as video goes? :P

    Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have got everybody else whipped for video right now... Canon, where are you?

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