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  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    @Barney - I did look up the definition of advertorial. As well as read the FAQ.

    The wikipedia says "An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. "

    Merriam-Webster says "an...

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    @Barney - i understand that it is adverstising. It's advertising in and editorial form. It's an advertorial.

    Why are you fixated on the fact that no specific model was mentioned in the text or...

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    Indeed the Sponsored Content FAQ itself is worded such that it implicitly suggests that pieces like this are adverts "What is the difference between sponsored content and the normal advertising I...

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    @Barney - why did DPR only choose Pannie, product imagery and videos bearing in mind this is a photography site?

    I've read the words, but the content includes more than just words.
    That's why...

  • Why was visibly lossy RAWs not Sony's fault. It was a well known issue and they still shipped it.

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    The article is a bit piggy-ducky-horsey for me too.
    But I think there might be more than one audience for DPR.

    There's the regular readers (who may well be broken down into many sub-classes...

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    Yeah but we need the 100,000 trash videographers/cinematographers/photographers to find the one good one.
    It's not a problem, just ignore their work.

    And when it comes down to it, nobody at all...

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    @Barney. Very weak argument.

    Using you're own definition it may not be an advertorial.
    And by Clinton's definition he didn't have sex with Monica.

    If you use normal people's definition of...

  • @mobyline - you're forgetting your own statement: "dynamic range is a result of the whole system".

    Storage is part of the system.

    Adding 2 bits to the storage won't change the DR, you have to...

  • I see what you mean. I didn't notice the date of the OP. The thread has recently been on the first page, and I did not read all the dates.

  • rhurani - the problem with having a center point in an AF system, is there is only one center.

    So you're likely to have an odd number if you do everything else symmetrically. So yes physically...

  • Dynamic range is a ratio isn't it?
    Isn't 1:4096 a smaller range than 1:16384?

  • Commented on article 4K video: What you need to know

    @DPR Staff - was the NVidia link paid for?
    How does that work?

    I've just cottoned on. The Nvidia link, the Panasonic video links.

    Effectively the evidence seem to suggest DPR is now a high end...

  • So the innovation in the 1Dx2 will be replacing the Roman numerals in the Mark nomenclature to Arabic?

  • Howsaboutraw, you know the secret police can sieze the plug in transmitter, oh and your phone and tell where you've been?

    Antares - I think you're right about the presence of in body "low end"...

  • Don't you mean: ?

    At least he isn't claiming it's his favourite even camera to shoot with before it has been released, like he has with a few models...


    I think that camera store owners agree with Steve.

    First thing that came into my head when I saw the above post last week was "D5 announcement soon,...

  • PVCDroid, the Sony system is not near complete as a stills system. 300,400,500,600mm lenses?

    Great camera yes. Complete system? Not so much.

    Dirty little secret - only camera nerds - like you and...

  • @Thematic - tipsy is right IMO since the A7RII release you see a lot more people wafffling on about 4K, and SLog etc being essential features, when they've clearly never shot video before or...

  • Yes your wrong.
    The DR is as a result of the whole system that part you're right about.
    But 12 bit means part of the system is reducing the range of data you can record by a fact of 4.
    A bit...

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