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  • For those saying this is silly, it reminds me of this tale:

    Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa to see if there was a market for their product.

    The first salesman reported back, “This is a...

  • You get what you pay for. If you feel you're not getting the value for your subscription to DPR, you should complain that the fees are too high, or take your subscription money elsewhere.

  • Wow, that's fast enough - and large enough - to be a SSD drive in a small PC. Pretty soon we're going to need faster USB ports.

  • Yes - the barriers to entry into photography have lowered so much that nearly anyone can afford to do it. Between pp and cheap imaging, the hard costs to produce a stock-worthy print is negligible,...

  • Yes - the barriers to entry into photography have lowered so much that nearly anyone can afford to do it. Between pp and cheap imaging, the hard costs to produce a stock-worthy print is negligible,...

  • Get a Windows convertible and you won't have to worry about needing a subscription just to have a hobbled version of LR on a tablet.

  • This sound like a threat for those who insist on talking on phones on ling plane flights. Though, once shoved up there, actuating the shutter may be more difficult.

  • You know that that's not what this is about, right? This was a marketing video for the University of Virginia. Or are you lamenting the results of some other story and civil action not mentioned here?

  • If consistent tense were the worst error I'd seen in a newspaper *this week* I might be with you. As it is, I spotted no less then 3 errors in a single (long) article this morning in the local...

  • Commented on Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! news story

    Step 1...cut a hole in the box...

  • You laugh, but oil drill bits and film cinema equipment were (may still be) priced this way. Even though they are physical items, their design is covered by IP. And, yes, it's messed up, but the...

  • That's a different product, and not really a "stabilizer" in the traditional sense. It's really just a total-travel limit sensor to help eliminate loss of directional stability that can occur after...

  • That's a horrible name. Even worse since it was intentional. It's like naming your next camera the CholeraPix, because it's so awesome it's going to be "the $#!+ everyone wants."

  • That's probably Getty's definition too, which will likely result in them harvesting addresses using their player software and sending extortion letters to those people who thought they were using...

  • For a 50MP back on a 60x60cm image, I would expect 15-16EV. 14EV is acceptable, but I feel it's silly to hamper a 6x6 camera with such a small sensor. Unless, of course, they're afraid of what all...

  • Indeed, if you are doing studio photography, already own Hassy glass, and need a high-mp digital back, this is probably worth the hassle of having to change gear if you're only buying 1-2 backs....

  • This is, to medium format, what APS is to 35mm. It is a joke and an affront to the format name. Call me when they start producing sensors which match the original film size.

  • You joke, but there's somebody out there planning this as an exhibition for the social commentary on the state of [nutrient poor/GMO/wateful] eating practices. (Or, if there isn't, or hasn't yet...

  • You must have missed the articles on photographing the olympics on an iPhone and the press release of the Hasselblad Lunar. This is much more enjoyable than either of those.

  • Looks like I'm due for a new camera this fall. A high shutter actuation, well maintained, clean Nikon D4 to replace my D3. The release of the D3s was, in fact, how I got my D3 four years ago. For...

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