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  • "power user prefer Linux by the way"

    Not true. Aside from server side (lower cost and some easy to use software like wordpress), power user don't prefer linux. There are a some "free" and "open...

  • I have never had a problem with Windows usability. It's also far more versatile and useful (available software). Your analogy doesn't stand.

  • Windows has 90% of Desktop marketshare. Neither Canon, nor Nikon, or Sony has anything that dominant.

  • Dan DeLion , I have done that, both here and on IR

    and you are wrong. You are delusional.

  • R6300 does not overheat in still and 1080p mode. Nikon doesn't do 4K. As for image quality and high ISO, they are pretty much identical (unlike what you claim) and DPR rates them as identical,...

  • No, wrong. If you compare ratings for D7200 and R6300, R6300 beats D7200 in every category (not just video) except Ergonomics , Value, and raw.

    DPR already do have separate rating for various...

  • Stu 5 , the reviewer shot a piece using R6300

    obviously overheating is non-issue/.

    As for IBIS as a requirement for video, really? Many E mount...

  • Funny that Canon doesn't even offer 4K most of the time, and A6300 does not overheat at all in 1080p. How is that an issue for you, JackM?

  • That's not an issue. Just adjust color balance a bit (incamera) if you like warmer/magenta tint. That's not a con.

  • pkcpga, the difference isn't due to 16 bit. The difference is due to larger sensor on MF (more light) and larger pixels.

    You will not see any improvement even on FF (let alone on APSC) by moving...

  • Richard Butler wrote: "Being able to USB charge can be handy but if the camera doesn't include an external charger, then you can't have a second one charging while you shoot"

    This sentence is...

  • pkcpga, you are posting nonense. As far as image quality goes, Nikon isn't better than A6300. In fact, Nikon isn't even that better than 2010 cameras like K-5 and Nex5n. As I said, there hasn't...

  • DPR has posted this bogus con for years now. Anyone who buys extra battery can buy a charger with it. Third party ones are 10 dollars and include extra battery.

  • You won't see any difference with 16 bits as even for A7R II (much larger sensor than APSC) 14 bits is enough to capture all the DR at pixel level. See this...

  • HowaboutRAW, This says a lot about your credibility if you think A6300 is 2 stop better than cameras like D7000, K-5, A580 when even D4 is hardly 2 stop better than these 2010 APSC cameras. Given...

  • No, you are the joke. There has not been a lot of change since 16 MP sensor of 2010. The difference at best has been around 1/3 stop.

  • X Pro 2 weighs 1 ton? I won't buy it. It's useless. Too heavy even for my truck.

  • Cameras are not rated on image quality alone. Image quality on cameras have not changed much (at best 1/3 stop according dxomark) since 2010. Even more importantly, if cameras were only rated by...

  • Pro video people don't use AF.

  • LOL @ A600. I remember that false rumor, clickbait, by cgarrard. Minolta cameras were already dead (1% marketshare) before Sony.

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