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  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z news story

    I think the only inferiority complex is yours; suddenly your FF seems small and you can't hammer Pentax users for their "crop frame" camera anymore.

    Fear not! As a Olympus shooter I will continue...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z news story

    Then your tech minded friend is not a photographer. The 645D, at low ISO is better than D800e in is niche (low ISO portraiture and landscapes). However it is definitely less flexible outside that...

  • If you are a pro you are not taking the 9.99 subscription but the 19.99 which gives you access to the professional Adobe products

  • Sorry but the XT-1 RAW image quality can't stand up to the A7/A7R in any of the 4 criteria you mention except in your Fuji fanboy universe. As for lenses, it has only been 8 months since the system...

  • Commented on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview

    The DOF at 1050 f/8 and 200@f/7.6 is not the same (somewhat obviously). I am also curious why you are making such an irrelevant comment. Its pretty obvious that you can "blow out" backgrounds...

  • In the end if the day, they were a mismanaged business that couldn't figure out how to leverage their physical locations into an advantage against lower cost internet rivals. It IS possible, just...

  • Is this photography as an app? Can multiple purchasers buy rights to the same photograph or is it exclusive? If its the former, I guess its okay but the photographer should set the price.

  • I think he means Michael's review not Nick's. I think reviews were balanced and fair. Nick is mostly a landscape type of shooter and has time to set up his shots. Michael appears to shoot more...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview

    Actually, if I had to guess I think it will do worse than the XE-2. Something like Silver Award 79%. My estimation is that the Fuji control paradigm works better on rangefinder style bodies which...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview

    But they did use Capture 1 for some of the gallery shots? I think they did not note that much of an improvement.

  • Ironic considering SUN got eaten.

  • True. But for all the talk about mirrorless I only see Canon and Nikon (maybe the odd Pentax) at red carpet events, sports or in the hands of parapazzi. I do understand that some working pros...

  • As for the ISO, I'm not sure but are 1600 and 3200 extended ISOs?

  • In general, I agree but I think it depends what you are looking for in each specific shot. For example, in the horse tail crop I would have taken the last version (acr plus noise reduction) and...

  • I have to say that I agree. Drop $300 off the price (which will probably not happen anytime soon) and it is a perfect camera. From a usability viewpoint i think it is slightly better than the Fuji.

  • @Northgrove. That makes no sense whatsoever. The size of the sensor has almost nothing to do with AF speed. Now the accuracy of the AF yeah, maybe. Anyway, there are two major contributors to...

  • @bobbarber, you don't have to start at the top! There are cheaper X-series cameras...

  • -25F not C. Its approximately -13C

  • Why the XE-2 has similar sensor and capabilities. Anyway I doubt that the tracking autofocus is good enough for sport photgraphy yet.

  • @Northgrave, I think its a bit too early to state whether the X-T1 is a better handling camera.

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