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  • That's opinion at best. Many people don't like Fuji skin tones and green reproduction

  • How is it updated? I would have thought that new camera releases would replace obsolete ones. For example why aren't the Fuji XT-1 and Sony a6000 added in to "Take Control" or the D810 in "Tried...

  • You took pictures with that monster handheld? Wow in the old days men were men!

  • I might get this for my OM-D. I guess it depend if it superior in some way to the Olympus (which is apparently not that great optically) or the Pannies

  • I would guess that the main motivation for the price cut is to capture the many people who use pirated versions of CS5 or CS6. This is very similar to how iTunes helped the record industry reduce...

  • I believe Heisler has a very strong relationship with Sports Illustrated (he did a lot of covers and spreads for them). McNally is more associated with National Geographic.

  • Huh, can you explain? Aluminum is one of the better metals from a recycling point of view and is chemically stable in normal atmospheric conditions. Now some of the alloying elements in aerospace...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    I think the only inferiority complex is yours; suddenly your FF seems small and you can't hammer Pentax users for their "crop frame" camera anymore.

    Fear not! As a Olympus shooter I will continue...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    Then your tech minded friend is not a photographer. The 645D, at low ISO is better than D800e in is niche (low ISO portraiture and landscapes). However it is definitely less flexible outside that...

  • If you are a pro you are not taking the 9.99 subscription but the 19.99 which gives you access to the professional Adobe products

  • Sorry but the XT-1 RAW image quality can't stand up to the A7/A7R in any of the 4 criteria you mention except in your Fuji fanboy universe. As for lenses, it has only been 8 months since the system...

  • Commented on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview

    The DOF at 1050 f/8 and 200@f/7.6 is not the same (somewhat obviously). I am also curious why you are making such an irrelevant comment. Its pretty obvious that you can "blow out" backgrounds...

  • In the end if the day, they were a mismanaged business that couldn't figure out how to leverage their physical locations into an advantage against lower cost internet rivals. It IS possible, just...

  • Is this photography as an app? Can multiple purchasers buy rights to the same photograph or is it exclusive? If its the former, I guess its okay but the photographer should set the price.

  • I think he means Michael's review not Nick's. I think reviews were balanced and fair. Nick is mostly a landscape type of shooter and has time to set up his shots. Michael appears to shoot more...

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