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  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    It really does look like a Yashica, Canonet or similar. Nothing wrong with that but with so much emphasis on retro and luxury, the finish is nothing like a Leica.

  • Commented on Readers' Showcase: Raymond Pang article

    Except for the first, these look so familiar. Maybe it's the photo of the camera and lenses that made me think of a camera brochure.

  • Had the X10 and X20. Both fun to use. Nice ergonomics. Plenty of exposure options (too many, but better than too few.) Loved the manual zoom. Extremely nice looking camera for a reasonable...

  • The results look better than a cell phone but the fact remains, bigger sensors still give better quality. The amount of effort and energy devoted to pretending this isn't so surprises me.


  • Sounds good and it's not Microsoft; always a plus. The logo appears to have been designed by the Microsoft though; the sophistication gives it away.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    That's the beauty of digital photography. With a virtually unlimited number of shots and no processing cost, if you shoot enough three's bound to be a good one. (This is meant to be a joke.)

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    Did you know...cameras with fixed lenses are, by design, not for people who prefer interchangeable lenses. But, being an old-timer you probably had that figured out.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    Somehow, expecting a camera that modeled on a classic rangefinder camera to be good for video seems unreasonable. But I would agree that if someone wants a zoom lens, this would be a less than...

  • So there is no correlation between ISO and visible noise. Interesting.

  • He doesn't say much, but most of DPRs questions are things you can answer yourself. What do you think of using a Panasonic product? I don't work for Panasonic. Don't full frame cameras still...

  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    I think of the awards as a frequent flyer program. By the time they call all the metals and precious stones, everybody gets an elite award of some kind.

  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    Would it have any bearing on how the camera operates, what it does or does not do, if it received a different award?

  • People spend $25,000 for an old Nikon 220 degree fisheye that isn't good for anything; now that's expensive. Actually, they were supposed to be great for photographic inspection of the inside of...

  • Nothing silly about it. From a distance, or on a security camera it could be mistaken for something else. Nothing silly about that at all.

  • Nothing silly about it. From a distance, or on a security camera it could be mistaken for something else. Nothing silly about that at all.

    Please, DPR, do a comparison test to see if camera...

  • What we're dealing with here is the marketing of cameras, so the standards for accuracy are pretty low.

  • I find combining 2 or more shots using the 24 TS or if absolutely necessary the 17 TS looks more realistic than these ultra-short lenses. There is one possible use for excessive perspective...

  • The Canon 16-35/2.8 is, and has always been (let's be honest) lousy, and the 17-40 is worse. The comparison, if one is to be made, is with Canon's 16-35 f/4. It has sharp corners, image...

  • It's really unfortunate that everything you've said here is lost on most people who grew up in an era where you rely on a computer to fix lens problems that should not have existed in the first place.

  • mlewan - Yes, newer software is supposed to be better. And it's understandable that people automatically make that assumption. Sometimes it's true.

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