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  • I suggest DPR shoots Q and Sony RX1R side by side. Sony should handily win the resolution comparison. Frankly, Sony would win in every department. So what's the photographic merits that make Leica...

  • How about this implementation? Every pixel has a load capacitor and a Schottky diode. When the tunneling occurs the capacitor is discharged and the pulse is counted by a digital counter.

  • I think the LCD displays have a different problem. There is little they can do to reduce the dark levels due to the ambient light and surface reflections and that reduces the DR.

  • Yes, there are two parts to HDR: capturing and displaying. Due to displays/prints having very low DR compared to the image, the later has to be significantly compressed (in terms of DR) and the...

  • "MIT proposes new approach" -- LOL, as many people already mentioned here, this idea has been discussed for years, there is nothing new about it.
    The other ideas that were discussed are: global...

  • When the flash prices go down more and the density goes up more, the digital cameras will not need a removable media. They can simply have a few TB write-once embedded internal memory, which would...

  • Nice. If you have a high-res. modern camera that can survive 100000 shutter actuations and you save every raw file, this drive would outlast 4 or more such cameras.

  • You are right! The contrast and saturation in the slideshow is noticeably boosted. It's probably the slideshow software that does the adjustment. DPR staff should explain that.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    I'm surprised the review didn't mention two problems that become immediately obvious after just a short period of shooting with camera.

    1. The exposure measurements. I noticed X-T10 in many...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    You see, if Fuji sales were hurt because of poor video they would have definitely put their efforts in improving it. On the contrary, good sales numbers tell them their customers don't care a whit...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    "AF is better in a Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Olympus" -- and where did you get that information from? If you checked the tests on youtube you'd find out it's complete nonsense.
    "You can...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    I'm not buying a camera for forensic work and I would assume most folk aren't interested in accurate colors either (whatever the 'accurate' may mean). What people are interested in is "pleasing...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    I have only one objection: "In your hand" section. It should be noted that the camera is very poor ergonomically for anything but the lightest lenses. There is no grip to speak of and even with the...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    You talk from ignorance.
    Face detection requires detecting face, doesn't it? The PDAF can't detect anything, other than distance, so it can be used to focus on the closest subject for example. But...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview

    Why do you care? The resolution of the sensor is more than sufficient for all but the esoteric purposes. It's really all about the lenses, and Fuji is in much better position than the competition....

  • Nothing really new here, pictures still look like from any other P&S camera with a small sensor: poor in low light, looking flat because of deep DOF, blown highlights and noisy shadows, overbearing...

  • "Real world" samples are supposed to reflect the real use by the majority of photographers. From this perspective these images are far from the "real world" as the subjects are ill-suited for 90 mm...

  • Canikon do have good lenses, I have some. But try finding any Canikon lens that gives you 72 lpmm center resolution at f/2.

  • Sorry, it's not a "real-world" sample gallery, not the type of photography this lens targets.
    The 90mm FL looks ill-suited for many of the subjects in this shoot. They looked crammed and the viewer...

  • Cool technology, but very annoying for the viewers -- people want to view the finished material with the author chosen angles and perspective, not pushing the buttons and rotating the view.
    On the...

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