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  • The difference is that the mechanical watches are incredibly complex, whereas the Leica T is using commodity electronics Made in China wrapped up in a cool shell.

  • Thats because all of the electronics are made in China. The only thing Made in Germany is the body. I bet the firmware was outsourced to India.

  • They should just take the guts of the Sony A7 and shoehorn it into a machined aluminium chassis. Put an m mount in front, and they will all be set.

  • The thing is that not many people need 400mm in a carry everywhere camera. Wide to short tele is far more important, esp. for random people and pet shots. The superzooms have usually been vacation...

  • Sounds like you need an SLR.

  • Im surprised that DPR is impressed with the 4k video. The reviews that ive read have not been impressed with it at all. I guess its another checkbox to check off.. but, it would have been better to...

  • I dont like the super exaggerated perspective from the near-fisheye lenses on the drones.

  • Would be much cooler if it used some alien anti-gravity tech, propellers are so 21th century earth.

  • In 2000 years, this will look as ancient as cave drawing seem today.

  • The way things are going the 1-inch compacts are going to replace a lot of mirrorless cameras, esp. those consumers who never go beyond the kit lens. The RX100m3 makes a lot more sense than the GM1...

  • I switched to LR when I started shooting multiple camera systems. The manufacturer-specific RAW converter doesnt make much sense, imo. I guess OEMs have to make it in case third parties decide not...

  • Makes sense. The compact camera market is now basically superzooms, premimium compacts and zooms (RX10/100, FZ1000, and waterproof/rugdeddised. The basic compact is now goner.

  • Or, you can use one of the 100 other RAW conversion software. If LR isnt worth it to you, just use something else... no drama needed.

  • wth is vsco.. are they too hip to have a real name

  • Being a hipster is expensive.

  • The square BB10 device seems squarely aimed at the business/enterprise market.. so, a high end camera may not be their top priority.

  • Commented on Quick Review: That Steady Thing article

    Not sure I would want to shoot flowers at 1/15 outdoors unless there is absolutely no wind, since the flower is gonna be swaying and such. Its better to just bump up the ISO and and shoot a faster...

  • Most people will bring a tele-zoom (70-200) and a small wide prime... like a 24 or 28 equiv.. its hardly 4kg. And if you are spending $4000+ on a trip, why not. The 7D imagine cropped to m43 size...

  • Not sure what the point of the PEN line is now that the OMD line has EM10. An entry level body would make sense, but, a mid-ranger.. might as well just get the EM10, esp. given the cost of the EVF...

  • If youre shooting video at 400mm, you should be on a stable platform to begin with. No type of IS is gonna help at all, esp. if this is your business. Even fiddling with the controls will cause the...

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