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  • Mike FL - Isn't the A7S arguably Sony's flagship camera... and that has only 12mp.

  • Given the similar price and size, between the Olympus E-PL7 and the Sony A5100, which would have faster AF and better image quality?

  • Mel - understand the sentiment, and agree to some extent, but it's a slight exaggeration to say you can't see anything on the LCD in sunlight. If that were the case P&S and iPhone's would also be...

  • Not sure what the solution is then, other than picking up a model with an EVF though. In bright sunlight I always switch to an EVF.

  • The NEX 3N (along with the A3000 and A5000) have the low resolution 460,000 dot panel whereas the A5100 has the much higher resolution 921,600 dot panel used on the A6000.

    So in answer, yes a...

  • @Menneisyys - True, but it's still just a $100 kit lens. The real shame is that they don't have anything that sits price wise between the SEL1650/SEL1855 and the Zeiss 16-70/4.0 (which really is...

  • Sorry, that was a typo, I didn't mean the Pana 12-35/2.8 (which is excellent), I meant the 12-32 that comes with the GM1. That's the one that keeps getting mentioned along side...

  • @Andy Crowe - I stand corrected. Many thanks.

  • Just a word about the cheap $100 kit lens, that keeps getting bashed by photo purists. Yes, everyone knows this lens was designed with software correction in mind... it suffers from barrel...

  • Chj - Sony's NEX-5N, 5R and 5T all had touchscreens. Did you not at least try to do some research?

    GM1 - Nice idea, and a marvel in miniaturization... but more expensive, no screen articulation,...

  • Because Sony already has two entry-level models (A3000 and A5000)... few people see the need to add a third 'entry-level' camera when what they're really after is a replacement of the NEX-5T...

  • Leandros - for the target audience shooting jpg, they'll never even be able to see the distortion, CA or vignetting (it's autocorrected, as the lens was designed that way). For someone worried...

  • Yeah I get that... but for the sake of two small additions it would have made a great backup/2nd camera body to use alongside an A6000. I still have my NEX-5n which has fantastic image quality,...

  • Snikt228 - Yeah I agree... but for the sake of two small additions it would have made a great backup/2nd camera body to use alongside an A6000. I still have my NEX-5n which has fantastic image...

  • The key phrase in that quote was "uncorrected"... as all NEX and Axxxx cameras autocorrect the lens in-camera, and even when shooting RAW most converters have the lens profile built in.

    If you...

  • I get the concept (small in size, big in image quality), but would it really have killed them to put a mode dial on and an extra control wheel?

    Those two things alone would have made this a much...

  • Probably about the only thing it can do... sorry, just kidding - I'm sure it's a wonderful camera that sold very well.

  • Menneisyys - Oh right, you didn't actually mean the entire e-mount lineup, like you originally wrote, you just meant specifically two zoom lenses from that line up. Got you.

    I still don't...

  • A6000 perhaps? Choice is a wonderful thing ;-)

  • The DPReview quote is fine. You listed a camera that tries to compete on two of them, but fails on the third - despite costing more.

    Also, since when was 6 fps continuous shooting with...

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