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  • Cheap Samsung lens does not equal low image quality. The primes are all excellent and good value (the amazing 30mm especially so). The wide-angle zoom is also very good and the kit lenses are some...

  • So what you're saying is, you're not very Serious (about) Sam(sung)?

  • The DR of the Samsung sensors is higher than the Canon APSC, and there are plenty of people using Canon video cameras.

  • I think Samsung's massive profits in many areas - phones, TVs etc - show that people certainly aren't staying away in those areas (and just think, Samsung was nothing in those areas 15 years ago)....

  • All Samsung's NX lenses have so far been developed by a Korean company that specialises in microscope optics. Very good at it they are too.

  • iFn works in this way: pressing the iFn button on the lens toggles the lens' focus ring to act as another dial. You can set what that dial does.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    It's full of gimmicks! Autofocus! Metering! Flash! Back to my box brownie, I think.

  • And a socket to charge them all.

  • The seal fin is ordinary I suppose in the sense that it didn't require any special technique, timing, or equipment - as long as the seal was there and the right equipment was used it's a very easy...

  • What were you expecting, lions and tigers?

  • The nesting gannets shot is superb. I advise also looking at the young photographers' photos on the BWPA website as well, some excellent shots!

  • Cheaper in Japan? Stuff in Japan is expensive and Japan is probably the main target market for this.

  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article

    My eyes! Me eyes are burning!

  • Does anyone else suspect that this model is really to introduce the new slightly larger design that can later accommodate a larger sensor more easily?

  • But if most other manufacturers are putting V8s in their compacts then you have to wonder why Fuji isn't. There are strong rumours that Nikon, Panasonic and possibly even Canon (hard to believe...

  • techno, how do you know only 5-10% would want a DSLR shape? Surely the Olympus EM-5 etc wouldn't have sold so well if that was true? Are there surveys or sales figures that compare style and DSLR...

  • techno, I think you're completely wrong about the formfactor. You are an enthusiast but enthusiasts are a minority of camera buyers. The general public perceives a proper camera as looking like a...

  • @badi: yes (although I was talking about adjusting colours in the 'Picture Wizard' colour settings which affect jpeg output, not actually WB) but WB and skintones are different. Generally I find...

  • Samsung does have a brand problem in the US and to a lesser extent in Europe as well. However, it would be foolish of Samsung to try to establish their camera business more in America: it's a...

  • It's easy to change the default colour balance. These things are all subjective of course, but I think Samsung would be wiser to try to emulate the 'Canon look' as this is what people most probably...

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