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  • Cheaper in Japan? Stuff in Japan is expensive and Japan is probably the main target market for this.

  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article

    My eyes! Me eyes are burning!

  • Does anyone else suspect that this model is really to introduce the new slightly larger design that can later accommodate a larger sensor more easily?

  • But if most other manufacturers are putting V8s in their compacts then you have to wonder why Fuji isn't. There are strong rumours that Nikon, Panasonic and possibly even Canon (hard to believe...

  • techno, how do you know only 5-10% would want a DSLR shape? Surely the Olympus EM-5 etc wouldn't have sold so well if that was true? Are there surveys or sales figures that compare style and DSLR...

  • techno, I think you're completely wrong about the formfactor. You are an enthusiast but enthusiasts are a minority of camera buyers. The general public perceives a proper camera as looking like a...

  • @badi: yes (although I was talking about adjusting colours in the 'Picture Wizard' colour settings which affect jpeg output, not actually WB) but WB and skintones are different. Generally I find...

  • Samsung does have a brand problem in the US and to a lesser extent in Europe as well. However, it would be foolish of Samsung to try to establish their camera business more in America: it's a...

  • It's easy to change the default colour balance. These things are all subjective of course, but I think Samsung would be wiser to try to emulate the 'Canon look' as this is what people most probably...

  • Lots of people care. Perhaps not in America or Japan but in other countries Samsung cameras have more of a presence. They are easy to find in highstreet electronics shops in the UK.

  • DaveE1 - Sony are in this business for the long haul? You mean just like they were with Vaio?

  • Have to agree, nice shots and good sentiment from the photographer but they don't show white sharks in any new light. More informative are the shark documentaries occasionally done by the BBC that...

  • "Lions are eating machines..." "Cows are eating machines..." "Dogs are eating machines..." "Humans are eating machines..."

    You can make such ludicrous statements about any species when you reduce...

  • Extinction is of course a part of evolution. However, we are now facing the situation whereby a large number of shark species are facing extinction and not because of evolutionary pressure. It's...

  • Great stuff! Really brought a smile to my face.

  • I agree on the ergonomics of the Mini. But it isn't really designed as an enthusiast's camera. The original goal of the Mini was to be the 'family' camera of the NX line, i.e. ideal for casual...

  • I think the 'shame' element is that Nikon's 1 system should now be mature and have a mature sensor that leads the 1" sensor pack.

  • "We've previously published some samples from the camera and its equally diminutive 9mm F3.5 prime lens, and now we've expanded that gallery to include samples from the 17mm F1.8 prime."

  • The previous top of the range, the FZ200, had a filter thread on the lens so I would assume the FZ1000 does as well.

  • I'm sure making these images pollutes the environment far less than the extraction, processing, manufacture, and transportation of the materials needed to make the 5D.

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