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  • @Auni

    The Nikon D810 Is that camera with the high megapixel count, great image quality and nice (for some, not me) shooting experience.

  • But unless you are a cab driver, courier or some such your car ain't gonna earn you any money plus thet car depreciates at an insane rate and attracts additional costs month on month year on year...

  • Hi Marcio,

    The problem is right there in what you say. One was using 135 format because of a basic flaw in MF. In film days you simply changed the roll of film to shoot high ISO/ASA but now ya...

  • ......contd from above

    when you compare the old Hassy V series film cameras with small format film cameras of the same generation, the Hassy had the same disadvantages as those cameras but with...

  • ........contd from above

    And now we have MF fit for more modern photographers I can assure none of those lame excuses will persist; no need for high powered lights coz ya can now happily shoot at...

  • .........contd from above

    As for the notion that MF is meant to be used at base ISO, utter rubbish!

    The real truth is MF has been LIMITED TO base ISO coz the sensors are crrap.

    It's a bit like...

  • .....contd from above

    So now we have CMOS chips able to provide excellent colour and dynamic range etc due to more light gathering power and the inherent low noise interference of CMOS...

  • Marco Napoli,

    I think your take is rather simplistic, and dare I say it, a little fanboy blinkered.

    The fact of the matter is CCD chips, are comparatively a pile of sh!t

    Let's say in the era...

  • @Hasselblad Official

    I was hoping that you'd come clean about Fuji's major involvement.

    Not bashing. I just like a bit more transparency especially if you are going to brag about built in...

  • But your lenses are not made in Sweden are they??? For completeness you should have mentioned that too.

  • Taping up camera brands.

    For me (and some others) there are a number of reasons:

    1. To avoid snobbery in either direction

    Some will view you as a brilliant or more serious photog depending on...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Nikon D5


    It wasn't long ago that some diehards were saying that live view is for noobs and wouldn't make it's way to pro cams. Then the Canon 1D Mark III came along...

  • @RPJG
    Yes they did, I have both cams. In fact I have three 1D series models and each one has something the other doesn't, which pi**es me off considering that there is no good reason why for...

  • The EC button issue is the one thing that SERIOUSLY pi**es me off about the 1D X. It is stupid beyond belief.

    Another thing that annoys me is that they have removed the useful option, an option...

  • A Trackball might be a disaster.

    Remember, those things were all the rage at one point for keyboard "mouse/cursor" navigation and they have been mostly abandoned ( mainly due, I think, to them...

  • @ LJ-ELJOT

    Your point number 2 regarding the "+/-" compensation button is also an issue with the original 1D X, and drives me mad; and the Canon solution for this problem ( to use the SET button...

  • From a user perspective you are right but from a manufacturing perspective wrong.

    This, as far as I am aware, is only the second Sony tech medium format sensor. Prior to that medium format cams...

  • Very true, but if you want or need (or think you need) 100 Mpx for a moving subject then this Phase One cam is the only option for now ( perhaps Hasselblad will respond this year with a system that...

  • @Luke Kaven

    Like far too many people your calculations are way off because you have forgotten something.

    The Pentax medium format camera is basically their APS-C cameras on steroids; with same...

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