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  • It's interesting that photographers here will fight tooth and nail against fair use for images, and then demand the ability to photograph the creative works of others as they please.

  • I actually like the size of it. I don't have particularly big hands, but still had to buy an add-on grip for my EM10 in order to hold it comfortably. This looks to be about perfect.

  • As a musician, this is a pretty great image. There are some nice touches that only someone familiar with orchestral performance would catch.

    Not all - or even most - images are created for...

  • AKH said: "where I live it costs more than the Sony A7 equipped with the mediocre 14-42mm. Not very competitive."

    The lens range and quality of Sony will never come close to m4/3. Sony is only a...

  • If you can't take great photos in this format, then it's not the format that's the problem.

  • This is a lens for videographers, which is obvious from the specs. So obvious, in fact, that DPreview doesn't bother mentioning it.

    Why do so many non-photographers bother commenting here? Just to...

  • These are video lenses, obviously. Educate yourself.

  • Commented on a preview

    I've noticed that my pictures come out much better when the on/off switch moves 90-degrees ...

    ...said no one ever.

  • Commented on a preview

    I also see it as a marketing stunt, but it's also a test-functionality in this camera.

    If it works as well as the samples I've seen indicate, and if it gets applied to handheld mode in the...

  • Commented on a preview

    Never improves? I switched from an EPL2 to the EM10, and the difference is night and day.

    I went from usable ISO800 and occasionally acceptable ISO1800, to consistently usable ISO 6400.

  • Copyright exists "To...promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts."

    Nothing in the lawsuit furthers that goal. Seeking to get paid retroactively because something you sold years ago is now...

  • For all the handwringing here, this move just makes sense. Every sports league has their own photographers; SI has nothing to gain by keeping their own in-house staff. If they need pics from any...

  • @Ergo607: No one said that. Learn to use google and stop asking dumb questions.

  • I love how Sony fans get their panties in a bunch over the slightest suggestion that Sony is anything but perfect.

    Insecure perhaps?

  • Y'all understand that you don't have to post the same inane comment 25 times right? Y'all?

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review

    @abolit said: "The camera is a TOOL and it should meet the today's standards. "

    No. The camera is a TOOL and it should meet the user's needs. I have no interest in how you or anyone else uses a...

  • Edgar is right. They didn't sell ALL Creative Commons prints; just those with a license that specifically allowed commercial use.

    The real question is why anyone was at all upset by this at all....

  • They made the mistake of thinking that people who use some of the most technologically advanced gear ever made could figure out an interface that the average 4-year-old could master in 2 seconds....

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