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  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon D7200 article

    No random shots means that anything that comes from the mfg. aren't random, they are all carefully considered in order to convey a message.

  • Don't most FF lenses, even good ones need to be stopped-down to around f/8.0 to maximize image quality? Except for fixed-focal length long telephotos, that is.

  • The first time I used a Canon 17-40L at f/5.6 on an original 5D, I was shocked at how bad the edge definition was, it would have been unprintable, even at 8x10. Things with FF have improved, but...

  • The E-M5 II does a combined image 40mp resolution. Besides, chromatic aberration, coma and astigmatism have little to do with resolution except to ruin it.

  • One thing about FF; if the edge definition of my m4/3 Olympus 12-40mm was as bad as either of these two lenses, I'd return it.

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    Interesting the engineers are standing at their workstations.

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    So, er, what camera does Zeiss use to design OTUS's?

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    A 36mm-70mm equivalent is kind of "old school" as far as a zoom range is concerned. Probably too narrow on the wide end to interest many, especially from a price-point. m4/3rds buyers are not as...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    Side issue; the sanest place for a shutter button is on the front and not the top of a camera, close to the lens. For vibration sake.

  • Manual lenses are superior if you have the time to use them on whatever subject you are shooting, otherwise, AF is superior.
    Also, 100 years? Do you really care?

  • Since Manfrotto heads and tripods are cheap, that means the effort needed to turn those adjustments will be noticeable. Check how your hands feel after cranking those knurled knobs a dozen or so...

  • Noticeable diffraction effects probably cut in with a small sensor at f/4.0, but this thing has an f-ratio of f/6.5 on the long end. How soft will it be?

  • The Nikon is $1619.00

  • So, if the 35mm f/1.4 Sony Zeiss produces stunning corner to corner sharpness, wide open, then when they release the OTUS 35mm, will it produce "sharper" corner to corner sharpness?

  • I don't know. Olympus makes a high-end 12mm f/2.0 with AF and much smaller and cheaper than the Kowa so apart from some kind of video application, why buy the Kowa?

  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon D7200 article

    No, just marketing. There are no random shots published.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    Ergonomics means nothing, when compared to performance. People will put up with some real horrors. A sharp-edged machined aluminum cube would sell if you could have resolution like a medium...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    It's a matter of balance. The gold award was given likely because though the camera came up short in some areas, it so excelled at others the balance shifts to gold.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    Speaking as someone who has used small-bodied interchangeable lens cameras since their inception with m4/3rds, you will never have the shooting comfort of a full-sized DSLR. You save the weight,...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    But real-life photos are the worst kind, when it comes to tasking a camera, not studio shots. Try shooting at night and controlling everything that comes into play in scenes with lit and dark areas.

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