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  • If you haven't looked at a Pentax K3, it makes Nikon's D7100 look and feel like an entry-level DSLR. It's the only APS DSLR now with a really solid feel. Reminds me of a D300.

  • Don't expect to use your old film lenses on such a thing and get what it can really produce. You'll shell-out $5000+ for each lens if that sensor had 80+ megapixels.

  • To clarify. I meant the red band on the lens, not the coating. Pentax has a very enviable reputation in other areas for its coatings, some have said they are better than Zeiss.

  • I'd have avoided the red on the lens. Reminds me of Canon.

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    It doesn't matter much, D800/810. If people want the lowest noise and to preserve detail at high ISO, then a 36mp sensor is not the way to go, even if you downsize to match a 12-16mp sensor. If...

  • What is all the obsolete stuff? Sounds like a cellphone addict. Cameras are usable for a long time.

  • They aren't using helicopters to shoot wolves from. PROVE that the drones are problem.

  • I'm not religious. Another liberal trait, thinking anyone who disagrees with them is cut from the same cloth. IMO, no one has demonstrated the drones pose any kind of threat, physical or...

  • Most look like the variations on the same base, generic Chinese tripod and head. If you go on Alibaba, you can buy these things and if you buy 100 of them, they silk-screen your company name on it.

  • Difference is, a lot of people wanted a retro, and no one I know or heard from said, "I want a Nikon mirror-less but with a small sensor."

  • It's a modern liberal thing to want to ban or regulate something without any facts to support such a demand. Classical liberals in the late 1800's were the opposite, demanding freedom first.

  • Yes, who cares about history?

  • Did a liberal ever live who didn't want to ban, regulate, prohibit, control, oversee, observe, meddle with EVERYTHING IN SIGHT?

  • Or security services, much like "face detection" was.

  • Leica liked the Soviets. They put out something about 4-5 years ago celebrating the Evil Empire.

  • The really bad thing about this is that Nikon have poured resources into a mirror-less that should have had the same sensor as the DX DSLR's.

  • The really bad thing about this is that Nikon has poured resources into a mirror-less that should have had the same sensor as the DX DSLR's.

  • m4/3rds it ain't. Are we sure the effective C-AF isn't just huge, inherent DOF?

  • I liked the first Pentax Q that had a sensor this size because it produced pretty good low ISO images, had a terrific build quality (unlike later plastic Q's) and had interchangeable lenses so you...

  • When Adobe goes bankrupt, or is bought, as all companies eventually do/are, NONE of this will hold. You'll lose the deals and/or whatever you have stored on their cloud. Hopefully, you'll get a...

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