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  • Yes think product or studio shots which will be printed large. Even with all the light in the world m43 won't compete (not that its supposed to) with full frame. That is until such time as full...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    Very little. Remeber the mechanical shutter is usally only fast enough to expose at 1/240 of a second before it needs to start closing the shutter before the the first shutter is open (the limit...

  • The shutter speed decides how long each line is exposed. So you may be rcording at 30 frames a second and the sensor is capable of recording at 240fps (possible for some but more likely 80 or 120)....

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    EFC works by reseting the sensor line by line at a very quick rate so it is ready to accept a new charge. The physical shutter then closes after the reset so the pixel receives just the right...

  • Quick reply to the question above. Unity gain is only valid if there is no read noise and pixel sizes are equal. If a pixel is twice as large it could have 2 electrons when the other would only...

  • Of course the higher conversion gain is leading to less quantization error. If it didn't all sensors would capture at ISO100 and boost digitally. Since they're all 14bit and the last two bits are...

  • Probably becuase you can't use the Canon lens on the Nikon.

  • What amazes me about Lytro is that they actually deliver. I see many announcements of new technology or methods but an actual product never hits the shelf or takes years to arrive. They announce...

  • Commented on 1939: England in Color (part 3) article

    Are you usin a scanner to get this in? Have you tried photographing the negatives using a good macro? I've found it gives me much more freedom to control the curves than scanner software even...

  • Commented on Sony a6000 Review preview

    They count each red, green and blue sub-pixel as a dot. So 480k x3 becomes 1,440k and 786k x3 becomes 2,359k.

  • Commented on Samsung NX30 Review preview

    Thanks, haven't laughed that hard in weeks.

  • Initialization is much faster than readout.

  • If the focal length is less than the register distance it will be retro focus. for EOS-M that will be anything wider than 18mm (real 18mm not equivalence field of view)

  • I with you here kelvinjay. I've seen LOCA detract in many a shot (or at least require a ton of removal work) but the amount of people that mistake it for lateral CA or fringing caused by the sensor...

  • At higher apertures you may be on to something but wide open I don't think either lens is out resolving the sensor in the corners (centre is good with everything). So there's not likely to be much...

  • A conspiracy this large would be impossible to hide. Someone would have talked (hell Buzz would have done it to make an extra buck if it really was faked).

  • Have a Kowa full frame 50mm for VIS-IR and its pretty damn good. Its almost identical to my Summicron-R 50mm in performance. (it also originally cost a fortune though)

  • Doesn't have the tech. Small company relatively speaking to a Sony or Panasonic.

  • Probably has more to do with angles of light hitting the IR filter and the green cast created as a result. The sigma's remove the green cast from the RAW before output but can only do that if they...

  • If I'm not mistaken that konica 50mm 1.2 is slightly radioactive. In fact I just found a youtube video which shows just that. Nothing to worry about in normal shooting as levels will revert to...

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