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Roland Karlsson

Roland Karlsson

Lives in Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Works as a Programmer
Joined on Feb 23, 2002
About me:

Collector of K-mount and M42 stuff. Main camera K-5. Also interested in camera technology, e.g. Foveon. Also interested in computer based image analysis and transforms.

Roland Karlsson's recent activity

  • With Foveon you can combine pixels, they call it binning. That is so due to the fact that all pixels are equal. With Bayer CFA cameras you cannot bin. Fuiji had a strange one where you had two...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    @Graig - It is actually adjusting that DPR do. An 85% today is a better camera than 85% yesterday. That is called adjusting.

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    @ThePhilips - this is a camera review. You can read the text and see what is written about the camera and see if you seem to like what you read. Then it might be a good camera for you. And so may...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    Guys - it is not possible. You cannot have a scoring system where scores gets higher and higher with time. Those in year 2100 have totally lost the references to 2015 technology.

  • Lytro needs a big lens. Nothing you put on a phone. There is a competing technique that uses lots of small cameras instead. Those you can put on the back of a phone - but, that is not Lytro.

  • I do think he mean the company, not the camera.

  • Commented on One World Trade Center in the Skyscrapers challenge

    I think this is this image

  • @Mike .... we are not thinking alike :)

    So - P&S can be high end?

    I have to admit that I have not made any investigation of number of pixels vs sensor size for P&S.

    But, with those limitations...

  • OK - so high end and low end was only regarding Oly?

    Could not even guess that I assume.

    OK - then I do not know - maybe Oly has fewer pixels the bigger the sensor is. Have never checked.

  • @Franka - the problem is this. To be rich you need both to make a product that has some kind of demand and hold on tight to ownership. If you miss one of the two you are toast. And, if number one...

  • I agree, buying 1/2.3" in a "real camera" sounds sub optimal. Except for super duper zooms maybe. You can get 30x zooms with those small sensors. Hard to do with larger without needing a truck to...

  • Uh? So you say - the bigger sensor the fewer pixels and the higher end the fewer pixels. Interesting observation. Apart from it being wrong that is. Moreover, since when became m43 high end? You...

  • A difficult balance @quiquae.

    BTW - I should have made two posts. One about the show room etc ... and one about funding. Now the discussion gets rather confused. Yes, I know really nothing about...

  • Cutting jobs and raising more money and spending it on a show room in Tokyo. My experience with several years of raising even more money is that the last money funder owns most of the company and...

  • Not - I assume. I am a bit weary of modern design of cameras. In particular the pen cameras. They looks so nice - in principle. But the details sux. And atually - I should not really care. I do not...

  • A mix of very nice and stylish looking body and very cheap looking buttons and weird looking lens. A design horror IMHO.

  • Of course. New cameras should be better at all specs. But ... there are physics involved. FF has bigger shutter, bigger mirror and (hopefully) more pixels. More metal to move and more data to move....

  • Commented on CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article

    Nice interview. Yamaki-san is a rare person. Always fun to hear him talk or read interviews with him. Thank you DPR.

  • Commented on For the family album in the Look at the Birdie! challenge

    Well ... it is all very good and nice to say that this image should not win. But ... please look at the other contestants. This does not seem like an easy challenge.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7S Review preview

    Agree, I also want to have some reference of the claim.

    NOTE that exactly what native ISO is can be disputed, as e.g. the ISO definition do not talk of such a thing.

    To the best of my knowledge...

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