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zodiacfml: Because the launch price was not in touch with the current market. The current change puts it similarly to an a6000, but that comes with an EVF, better AF, and better video. Still, it seems that the a6000 is a better buy.

A modest launch price should put it at $100 more than the GR.

Previously, I suggested a 24MP Sony sensor for the GR2. Yet, I realized it doesn't add value, only to improved the 35mm crop mode feature and will make the camera a bit slower due to the larger files. High ISO improvement is not practically huge.

to me the advantage of the GR is no longer with the GR-II when compared to like of like with the same time frame. The old 16MP sensor is now the bottleneck of performance which is what the likely buyer will be checking against. Don't even bother just with the A6000 , but take a look at the like of Panasonic GM-5 together with the 15mm or even just the Sony A5100 with the 20mm. Hey Samsung NX-500 with their 20mm is not that bad either.

The GR was launched as an up to date imaging hardware platform together with ricoh unique GR approach to UI and imaging ( soft side ) but the GR-II lack the first part and not much improved in the latter. So we are looking at what's more like a GR 1.25 instead of a II

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Wild Light: Hasselblads Carerra is not the H. It is the original 500 and 200 designs, the best medium format design in history. It is, IMO, possibly the best ever camera and lenses ever and it is a design that the entire customer base was passionate about.

Hasselblad lost it's way entirely and to stick with the Porsche analogy, Porsche had enough sense not to follow it's 924, 928 design and go back to the 911. The H is the 928. Heavy, ugly, bigger and a mistake that should be ended!

Ok had to admit that for a time in those days I do drive a 924 and to be frank its way better than the ( then current ) 911 of same period .. similar with Porsche though this class of product is a lot about specialist and niche and if they can't match the niche need, then no matter how they try to model it , it will not sell

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From all the articles and information now thus far surfaced; it seems to me there's still linger some Question regarding the optics. Ok so it essentially serve a dual purpose, or tri if you like, an imaging part ( your typical traditional lens ) ; a collimater part which align the incidence ray and a field flattener. Actually none of them are anything new, but Dxo did innovate in bringing them together in a new miniaturized package.

I did have 1 Q though, is there any soft correction on the RAW level as the wording seems like that's how they do it or is the RAW really just the actual imaged optical projection the lens delivered to the sensor

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On Canon PowerShot G3 X gets official introduction article (228 comments in total)

didn't Canon recognize that people wanting such a all in one mega zoom most likely would also want the EVF build in, and for us whao are not into that mega zoom range , might be the RX10-II and the FZ-1000 just more practical

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well getting still image from Cine really is nothing new , it was a common form of capturing action ever since way back in those early film days. Digital had give us layman mortals what I would say possibilities. 8MP grab from 4K is cool. But I think lower MP grab with faster frame rate should not be ignored. Say the recently launched Sony RX10-II do 960 FPS at 1080P, Ok that's only what 2MP+ but if you need to capture the shoot , then its still good and 1080P still FHD already.

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1268 comments in total)
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Andreas Voigt: $3200? Is Sony trying to kill their moderately successful a7 camera line?

Anything priced above $2500 is doomed to failure.

have to note that all the A7 variant since the original A7 are still cataloged and indeed even as OLD as the A7 goes its still going to be viable option today vs a many APS-C or even FF of todays. The A7R-II , is better seen as Sony's effort to keep pushing it up market and its very apparent in its Video implementation. That said I think Sony miss some of the very basics like uncompressed or lossless compression on RAW, dual memory card slots ( that's easy to get to ).

Direct link | Posted on Jun 10, 2015 at 19:10 UTC
On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1268 comments in total)

Well Samsung NX1 and now A7R-II VSI finally made it big ( literally ) .. really its quite an achievement by both of the S teams .. can't wait to see how well the BSI would work out on this sensor. Canon really can feel the heat now I would wager

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On Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge article (732 comments in total)

I think Sony really deserve credit for the hard work they put in. First RX-1, then A7 series. Not only did they dare to fiffer from DSLR but also differ from established mirrorless too

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iAPX: And why not a "modern anachronism" or even an Uchronia?!?

Maybe in this world of multi-purpose tool, it's weird something that just want to do one thingg: taking Black & White photos, and doing it well (I prefer to forget the video mode! lol). But I really think it's interesting to consider, and I wonder if Fuji or others will challenge Leica, with an interchangeable-lens Black & White camera, with an hybrid eyefinder.

Humbly agree, in principal, but not in this case as fact fir fact because that Mod.246 just do not elevate its imaging bracket of performance vs the Mod.240 as such that it warrant the premium. A lot of the price thus must be in the exclusiveness and uniqueness of the product rather than its actual ability as a photographic equipment. And being an old Leica owner user I still fail to see the point .. I'll just go back to my old trusty standard

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Poweruser: I cant afford it but it is a beautiful machine compared to the plastic blobs out of Asia.

One thing I find interesting is this metal fetish among all .. now go talk to the PRO guys in F1, Pro Cycling, and even Tennis , sorry but metal while are very good, does not made them always better

Direct link | Posted on Jun 2, 2015 at 22:03 UTC

After all said, though , its the end result that dictate .. and here the argument really break down. AA filter, well you can have a color enabled sensor without one today , try A7R or .. the reality is ; that sensor in the M.246 is still the same basic sensor as that inside the Mod 240 and DR, resolving power is no difference. What do differentiate is the higher native base ISO due to the lack of the color filter. That all said and done, B&W is more about the total process ( read Ansel Adam's 3 basic text book ). Big question is whether Leica had develop a specific B&W only A to D converter that can take advantage of the capture and having a specific panchromic / B&W RAW engine as well as a JPEG engine of similar that give that specific B&W uniqueness. So far I've seen no such .. That made using the Mod 240 ( with color info ) , capture on RAW , and specific soft development no less different than using the Mod 246 bad the difference in exposure and native base ISO

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On Shoulderpod S1 smartphone mount review post (5 comments in total)

so somebody re-invent the good old pistol grip ( sort of ) which we had since way back ( before WW-II for film camera of all sorts ) but they forget the cable release ( or could it be NFC / BlueTooth release instead now ). I suppose they have not take a look at something like Sony's GP-VPT-1 which is a combi Mini Table tripod / trigger control for its camcorder

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On Canon announces 50mm F1.8 STM lens article (310 comments in total)
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terence_boylen: blah blah blah

Canon's DR sucks

blah blah blah

Seriously though, this is good news. The cheap 50s from all the big players are great for people wanting to experience 'fast glass' and the sharpness of primes. The mkii had some of the lowest aberration of any Canon lens I've used. This can only be a step in the right direction.

And its good for everyone as it puts pressure on the competition to make them improve too.

Now we need some of similar caliber ( price, feature, optical performance ) for all the mirrorless. So far Only Samsung been able to offer such in the form of 30mm/2.0. While I would say Oly's 25/1.8 certainly up to the task in term of performance its price is also out of league vs such as the Nikkor and Canon 50/1.8

Direct link | Posted on May 11, 2015 at 12:27 UTC
On Canon announces 50mm F1.8 STM lens article (310 comments in total)
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108: I would choose Nikon FF over Canon FF from a body perspective but my brother-in-law long time connaisseur of Canon gear keeps hammering that one has to decide from a lens perspective and here Canon's the best . This late 50 mm stm seems to strengthen his view .
Any thoughts from Canikon users ?

I have the Nikon G 50/1.8 and I think it work very good indeed , and before that I have the Manual Focus Nikkor 50/1.8 and it still work great .. I would figure Canon's update would address some of the issue the old lens have when faced with challenge like Digital and High MP sensor. But then when faced with the reality that those old 50/1.8 ( both Nikon and Canon ) are literally decades old ( the EF 50/1.8-II itself already 25 years old ). It would be too early to judge the lens, but I see no reason why Nikon's current are in any way handicapped.

Direct link | Posted on May 11, 2015 at 12:24 UTC
On Nikon 1 J5: What you need to know article (499 comments in total)

really looking like Nikon finally heading the right direction with the J5. It even eclipses the V3 in many areas. Now we need some for real good optics among the 1 Nikkor range

Direct link | Posted on Apr 28, 2015 at 05:10 UTC as 3rd comment
On Interview: Canon's Chuck Westfall on the new XC10 article (347 comments in total)

2.5k is a not insignificant amount to invest and it looks like Canon perhaps is not reading the market right. there is a numbrt of significant fault in the design feature area that's simply not excusable at todays de facto threshold and especially for a cam tbat aims to be what Mr. Westfall claim to be. some might be able to be rectified by firmware update but some are not, but most important is that the market had other product that fulfill the same need and at better price feature performance levels

Direct link | Posted on Apr 25, 2015 at 15:52 UTC as 33rd comment

Sony or others, I simply not seeing real leap of an advance with these latest generation of sensors. Critical performance bracket say DR at amplified state ( non base ISO ) is still limited at best and Frame Rate at full frame output is not yet reaching the critical threshold ( OK let's say RAW at 24P minimal ) ..

But that's not to say they are lacking. It just show that the current state of technical know how had yet made the breakthrough and most if not all of todays are more evolutionary advance.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 18, 2015 at 17:27 UTC as 24th comment
On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (813 comments in total)

While I am pleased to see this product I could not made myself alight t o a solution as a convergence solution. That though is not something to be blamed on Canon but its a whole yo this market. Basically thr issue is thst none of these wheyher its yheRED or just the consumer Sony RX, they just fail to deliver the still quality as opposed to like of like .

picture this. back in old days I can tske a sinhle frsme of the film syock and ecpect like of like still.wuslity ss if I shoot that same frame ss still. that's not so with todaus

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On Lytro opens an interactive studio in Tokyo article (45 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: Cutting jobs and raising more money and spending it on a show room in Tokyo. My experience with several years of raising even more money is that the last money funder owns most of the company and the original people starting the venture is now thinned out in ownership till nearly nothing and are already losers, even if there is a success. Maybe the original starters of the company have succeeded in avoiding that trap. But ... I cannot really see how.

Before worrying about ownership, I wager they need to focus on actually making some viable product and product solution. The technology itself surely are great but that does not mean its actually making any impact to any of our real world need.

Stills, well they are stills .. need I say more, if it would require a specific software and a platform to run for display, then its no ,longer still right. Video. Well that might be very useful in POST , That's what Lytro say they are going to focus on but well still whats the implementation and when , how, and how much ??

Direct link | Posted on Mar 17, 2015 at 09:59 UTC

The true Cine ready 4K for 4K solution is still the holy grail yet to come but BMCC, Panasonic and even Samsung and Sony might finally getting there.

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