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So really there is nothing new under the sun. I was reading this and looking at my decades old Praktica Jenaflex, an early 80's film SLR and that come with a strap just as wide and with pretty much the same quick release ( except its a brass / metal button with a steel wire click in socket. I guess that goes way back with the medium format ( old Hasseldblad strap had pretty much that, but of course the button or rather metal stud is way smaller and fixed on the body )

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1282 comments in total)

Know what, the question seems to be 4K or not , and super zoom or not ... look like if I need the all in one package, zoom range and 4K the Panasonic win, but if I am not into the reach ( and between 400mm and 200mm equivalent, that's not really that much ) and 4K then the Sony looks better.

And while at it, if I do not really mind the packaging those APS-C sensor DSLR with a suitable lens might offer better yet still

Its high time for diversification, really

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Black Box: My grampa was a vynil records collector for 5 decades. His collection comprised thousands of records and was worth A LOT of money. But when the CD arrived, he bought a CD player and loved the crunch-free sound. When MP3 and AC3 arrived, he embraced those as well.

For a long time, I thought that the only people who cling to an old technology are those who are simply too lazy to learn or too dead to want to. But recently I realized something.

30 years ago creative photography was an exclusive art accessible only by those "chosen" who had The Equipment. They were the elite that could do "magic". Then digital photography arrived and all of a sudden the magic was in everyone's hands!

The dethrowning was painful. And THIS is the manifestation of that pain. Both for Kodak and for the photographer.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Well, from an old guys here, and I must say your logic about film photography as only art accessible to those chosen is totally wrong. Photography as a hobby or even a casual social experience is indeed pricey way back in the 50's and even so into the early 60's, but come mid 60's when the industry start to turn out reliable user friendly solution in term of cameras, systems, films, and no less D&P service, that is no longer the case. Film Photography for causal use by layman commons is well and truly there already since the late 60's.

What digital bring though is the instantaneous nature of the deliver of an image and the ushering in of new medium that simply outdo the old medium in term of how one can made, and share the social experience, and as sixtiesphotographer had put it, its really the Cellular Phone / Smartphone and of course the synergy of mobile computing , internet and all the associated that turn the old model obsolete

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Kirppu: So he told people how to use graphical editing software...?
did you know that you can print fake money with colour printer.
ps: it's illegal or in the grey area of legal, but is it illegal to tell people it's possible?

Theft as in stealing others rightful procession, and that's how I understand it, not exactly as in legal term but in a context mere mortals and humans can relay to. Like I've stated previously , its more a reflection of the evolving culture that do not have a consent and consciousness within that correlate

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Kirppu: So he told people how to use graphical editing software...?
did you know that you can print fake money with colour printer.
ps: it's illegal or in the grey area of legal, but is it illegal to tell people it's possible?

Telling people whether such thing is possible or not is something, but actually go out and instructing people how to do it is another. Still as the article say we've all pobably at one time or another done something stupid, or similar. IMHO that's not the issue. Its about standing up to one's mistake or not. The guy probably have no idea of the underlying implication when he post that Blog Post then, still its out there; and yes its an outright tutorial on how to theft, no less than tutorial instructing people how to rob .. like it or not that's the case with many of todays' , young or old. The society is evolving without a social consent and consciousness that can coincide

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On Samsung NX30 Review preview (418 comments in total)
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Franka T.L.: That 20MP Senor now seems finally delivering the performance on par with others in most area. That DR however looks still a bit challenged

am looking at both the samples and the data charted ( RAW )

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On Samsung NX30 Review preview (418 comments in total)

That 20MP Senor now seems finally delivering the performance on par with others in most area. That DR however looks still a bit challenged

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On Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future article (134 comments in total)

OK the way I sees it that technology benefit from a larger sensor and lens that highly resolve with very minimal Spherical aberration and Coma. The technology is evolving and would be interesting to see how it develop.

There is several area of photographic need that I can see very well suited for application but in the end I think it would be the display medium that would be challenged. This whole viewing experience is too dependent on a specific software and that can be an issue later and if we don;t bother with that and instead develop a de facto JPEG or print it, then its not more different than another 2D image though the development and capturing part would be different and the possibility to post exposure selecting the focal plane would be in some case beneficial

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2300 comments in total)

Guess Leica is no more a reasonably honest manufacturer .. for the price they asked for, one would and should expect better. The Q now, and the argument is that we are talking a Zoom and a zoom somewhat build for size. How are the 23mm fix focal doing and how well it delivers or not delivering

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munro harrap: Still using an AA filter? Tut, Tut!! No image will ever be as sharp as a D7100s, period

Or even the Pentax K-3

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Bjorn_L: Except for battery life it seems to be a well specified camera. But given Sony's recent support for a different mount it is a little confusing to see a camera maker competing with itself with two incompatible mounts.

I do really think there is indeed a use of both the E and the Alpha mount, but yes Sony's doing itself a dis-service the way they do product these days. They just have not been able to capitalize on the DSLR form factor.

The A mount just need a better implementation that what A77 and A99 did , I wonder if that Mirror can be made to operate true SLR style and move out of the way for true mirrorless ( Cine ) and Still

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Yeah ... so 60 frames for 12FPS , but what on JPEG , what about RAW or RAW+JPEG, how fast is the streaming and how big really is the buffer. Shouldn't it be obvious .. the speed limit is not govern by who's the fastest, but by the one whose slowest ... :(

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On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (347 comments in total)

This , now sounds more like it, let see how it actually come about

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)
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Rocky Mtn Old Boy: $150 with a pinhole lens?
I'd rather buy a used Zone VI, Wista, Graphlex, Calumet, etc etc etc off of ebay... there are a zillion more capable 4x5 bodies from $50 on up that one can play with that have swings/tilts (something interesting).

There might be a niche group that will find this of interest... Lomography fans.

That said, in a few years, the Wanderlust will be nothing more than a footnote in the annals of photographic history. Sorry Wanderlust... but really.

Affordable 4x5 digital back for the win.

A brand new holga 6X12 pinhole cost only about what at best $40.00 and it can take good old 120 film , probably a lot more useful if I just want something along that

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)

Well well, prove that there's really nothing new under the sun. Such simple box camera is anything but new. That design dated way back to the time when Brass Lens are common. And there's literally hundreds of camera models of this design ..

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On AJA enters cinema camera market with 4K Cion article (28 comments in total)
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Thematic: Before anyone rants - this is a stunning value (as is the new BM cam). S35, Global shutter and a form factor perfect for its intended market. Fantastic work if they can get to market fast.

Would not disagree , but still, they matter not to the mass. There is still no real true 4K for 4K solution , and even if there's one its still perhaps too expensive to most. The liberation of the Video / Cine market really mirror that of the still photography. When solution become such that even mere mortals and amateur can afford truly workable but yet still quality solution then we will see explosion of development and talents.

And that's pretty much why the Panasonic GH4, the Sony A7s are more important to the big picture than these wonder machine we have from BM, RED, AJA, Arri, JVC or alike.

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MrTaikitso: I wonder how long before Sony join Micro4/3? With the IQ difference between their larger sensor formats (NEX/Alpha) and 4/3rds slowly diminishing as technology progresses, and Sony being experts in miniaturisation, the Panasonic GM1 proves that you can only produce a compact body AND lens kit with 4/3rds, but NOT with NEX/Alpha. (I had an NEX 5R and even with a prime, it was much wider than the GM1 and not pocketable.)

And who better to make sexy do it all compact 4/3rds than Sony? They did it with the RX100, so have the ability.

Won't happen. The E mount is pretty healthy and M4/3 really do not bring benefit to Sony. On the other hand the E mount give Sony all the edge ( no less the FF as used by Sony in the A7 and super 35 for the others right up to F55 ) The RX 's 1" sensor is their Super-16 and that pretty much round out the crop.

And don't get hung over the compact nature too much, if they want it , the Mfr can made really petite mirrorless or compact alright. but its not all that matter. That's why the GM1 is only part of the lineup and why GX7 is made that way it is

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I guess its more like JVC adopt the M4/3 mount and leverage on the lens thus available more than actually developing product for M4/3 the system. If we take careful scrutiny of the latest Cine market development, the real deal is Super 35 sensor which made sense as it really inherit the 35mm Cine film format and also the sensor size pretty much allow the various adaptation. This really bore out in this JVC cam, and the like of ( even ) Panasonic's own highend / production 4K platform ( its a super 35 sensored, with Pl mount and not M4/3 ).

Really only RED, Canon and Sony had something else. And the game they are gaming is FF but that again is just something of an extension as FF can easily be used as Super 35 which in any case that's what many FF cinematographer do anyway taking advantage of the sensor to freely crop ( not all film are made to display on HD ratio )

NAB is a great show but to most of us who are not into production its somewhat overkill.

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VARS ... that's really ... really funny ... ( if you don't got it, try Google or Wiki search VAR )

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am not sure after the like of RX100, or even simply the older XZ series, not to mention their own M4/3 or any of the large sensor mirrorless / compacts that I can tolerate the limited performance the 1/2.3" sensor impose.

I would rather accept the burden of a less compact setup for the long term benefit of it bringing back better captures

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