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  • All in all, though, I am quite happy with the images that this camera has enabled me to take. Chances are slim that I will update a 1 year old expensive camera for anything new. The only...

  • I have the RX100M2. Here is my wish list:
    -A simple popup EVF
    -The built in flash can be pulled to give indirect flash. Great. Now make it stick so I don't have to keep my finger on it.
    -Loose the...

  • @Tapper123

    In terms of total amount of light on the sensor for equivalent pictures, you need to scale the aperture.

    My primary interest as a photographer is the images, not some parameter...

  • But they have shared a common lens, thus are quite different from the illustration

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  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    "wouldn't post processing a non-camera anti-aliased image be preferable"

    Theoretically, no. "proper" anti-aliasing must be carried out before you sample the signal to be effective. Think of a...

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  • >>Also, you can't get more information than you put in,
    >>meaning that you can't create detail from blur.

    If you encrypt your harddrive, the bits will look like a blurry mess. Given...

  • What do you mean by the PSFs "not really convolved"? Does it mean that the idealized model of a (slowly varying) linear convolution does not describe the errors contributed by the lens? If not,...

  • If the lens designers knows that a given lens correction is available, they might be able to "tailormake" a PSF that is easy to correct (no deep zeros, gaussian-like?), rather than a PSF that is as...

  • Visual inspection is not sufficient to determine that such examples are fake.

  • The key is that the "just a blur" thingy can be (more or less) accurately described as a function of the original, sharp image. Find that function, find a suitable inverse, and you can remove some...

  • Commented on Sony QX100 preview

    The most positive part of this product:
    It might force Sony to update the PlayMemories application (or even open up its APIs), some thing that would (for most other companies except Sony) be a good...

  • Interesting on a technological level, uninteresting as a photography tool (for me).

    I wonder why they essentially make a "camera sans display". It would be interesting to see what they could do if...

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