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  • Sure it was, but you forgot to add the link in your reply to your own examples of YOUR better images.

    Hurry up, because many people may begin to think you were being critical for the sake of it....

  • That's good to know. Any chance of a link to how you did all that in your own photos? I'm always keen to learn.

    I am sure the photographer in this article wouldn't mind seeing how it is done...

  • I like the foreground in most of those. So they are well balanced for some of us ;)

    The conversion and compression for web use haven't helped them, but they are still interesting. A very large...

  • Deals with Microsoft don't normally go well. Good luck Canon!

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    @mimot13, I have both brand badges on my gear. Not really interested in you chewing my ear off about either though.

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    New camera from a big name. Frenzy time for trolls.

    If people love their Canon badges that much, wouldn't they be happier in the Canon sections of the site? Canon articles and forums are aplenty,...

  • A number of people I know professionally, who work in video editing for large production companies, were editing nicely with FCPX very soon after its release.

    But then again, they are "do'ers"...

  • Final Cut Pro X is running better than ever! If this is demise, let's have more of it.

  • Good points. robogobo.

    I remember the uproar when Final Cut Pro X was released. Steadily, each frequent point release of the software added more and more. People didn't understand the reason for...

  • @nikon power... I have a few lenses lying around. Let me know how to get RX100 III quality images from them without the camera ;-)

    Your oversimplification ignores factors like the sensor. It's...

  • @Angus Rose : Because the smart people are here. Just joking. (I just know someone will take me serious - sorry)

  • An interesting approach with very nice results.

  • Not sure if it helps with your specific question, but the MkII shutter button works fine. Never had any problems with it and I'd be the first to complain if it fired before time, so I'd be fairly...

  • Great review!

    I took the RX100II on a recent trip and am still amazed at how well such a compact, pocketable camera can perform.

    Great to hear that the III has upped the quality and...

  • If that was directed at me (as it was a reply with the word "you" in it), then you are still making silly assumptions. As it happens, I have two subscriptions. A company one for employees and a...

  • My CC version begins with a 2014... not a 14... You should be able to update it using the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  • Too many assumptions there. Seems that, rather than address the criticisms, you choose to insult those who complain.

    For your information, a lot of people use Adobe software legally through their...

  • Some of the old inkjet printers (unintentionally) did curved prints very well :)

  • lol, dpmaxwell. Boky has no pockets in his hotpants. That's Sony's fault apparently.

  • Great pocketable camera! The fanboys and fangirls of other brands will trot out their usual whining comments on this one.

    That reaction shows how bothered some people have become by the...

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