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  • "Are you sure about this 24mm to 37mm crop of the LX100? The end results are a 2.4x crop in 4K video mode compared to.... in stills mode it is a 2.2x crop."

    Yeah, that is why it is ONLY 37mm.......

  • Please, do take ALL the "selfies" you want of yourself, see if I care.

    But please.... PLUEEEEESE.... do not expect US to watch YOU in these shots to no end. :-))

  • No clue what the sensor inside this one is as far its size is concerned -- it is apparently a closely guarded secret. You can see 101 assorted specs on this camera here -- but the size of its...

  • @ XVOYAGERX: Since when is a cheap plastic camera body "very well built?"

    Whether you like it or no, the better overall build quality, pricier cameras and made out of metal alloys, and the lower...

  • What are YOU, Weird Named One, the Mighty Inquisition?

  • These whatyoumacallit "upper entry level" (ha-ha-ha-ha) DSLR cameras are getting mighty pricey as of late.

  • In Germany, it is not well liked. Check out a detailed review or two on it on ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for THIS? What is Pana smoking?

  • Great bit of smart sarcasm there, Karl!

  • Great that they announced this issue already.

    Anyone here remembers how Fujifilm for almost a year denied the fact that there were halos and flares galore with their then pricey X-S1?Alas, the...

  • Lumix FZ1000 "Truth in Lensing Specs" disclosure:

    Camera's WA is at 25mm -- in still picture mode, but only in some of the possible aspect ratios.

    In 1080p video mode, it is at 27mm...

  • There are plenty of test footage clips when the camera is being zoomed through 16x and 32x ange, check them out on You Tube and if you really have to, on Vimeo.

  • Mike, U R right about the Sony, however keep this fact in mind. Sony is now protecting their brand new 4K camcorder, the USD $8,000 NXCAM PXW-FS7, nem...

  • You forgot to add the 1/2.3-inch size sensor. I suppose that is a great feature to have, too?

  • First Canon is announcing these useless garbage-cams, and now Pana, too? Man, what this world is coming to? ;-))

  • Wow, why is Canon still making these horrid, horrid little cameras? And just what is "new" in these ones now, I wonder? Seems to me to be the same old same old.

  • Mike, I guess you are saying that any manufacturer that builds better and more robust cameras than the competition does s stupid?

  • Miki, I guess you are saying that any manufacturer that builds better and more robust cameras than the competition does s stupid?

  • Q: "Why isn't Canon making a 1000mm t/2.2 lens and selling it for $800?"

    An excellent question from the looks of it. Let me venture a guess then for the answer: "because Sony had beaten them to it?"

  • Canon's C100 2nd Feeble Attempt is a loser-cam right out of the gate. After all, who would be desperate enough to shoot 1080-line HD video today in the 2160-line UHD 4K era, or record in horrid...

  • "You have no idea. Really."

    Yes -- you are indeed clueless.

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