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  • WTF ?!
    Where is the Canon M Review on DP Review to begin with?

  • This Sensor resolution is limited by diffraction starting from f/8 and up.
    That is what the 7D2 difraction limit start.
    But Unlike the 7D2 the 5DS is also limited from the bottom with Shallower...

  • Exactly.
    Also there is no much much mobility with Customers locked in a brand ecosystem.

  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
  • As hard as a try I cant find a good reason behind Canon decision of not selling this M3 in the USA market when even small brands do sell CSC cameras in lower quantities and not only in the US but...

  • As hard as I try, I can not find a good reason behind Canon decision of ignoring the USA market when even small brands do sell CSC cameras in lower quantities and not only in the US but in much...

  • That is my question to the DPR staff because you guys have yet to make a Review of this model or related lenses, now on its 3rd iteration.

  • Megabloat Stupidity.
    Overkill Resolution for rare exceptional cases at the expense of everything else.
    Definitely Canon lost it.

  • 24MP on an APS-C sensor. Yawn
    Canon, thank you for keeping this Megabloat away from the USA !
    Not interested.

  • My comment is in response to the Introduction on this review that states. "...was designed and built in cooperation with US company Motorola."

  • Motorola is now a Chinese company.
    Google sold it to Lenovo last year.

  • How sad.

  • OS 8.1.1, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2: A little faster, kind of, sometimes...
  • Agree, I have an iPad Mini and an iPod Touch 5G. Both came with iOS 6. But the iPad had a problem and Apple replaced it with iOS7 already on it. Boy I was mad !! After a year of using both I still ...
  • Well thanks, that is strange since iPad2 and the Mini share many componets except the Mini has a smaller screen. I ll wait and see how other Touch owners are doing with 8.1 thanks
  • So is your iPad Mini doing fine with 8.1? I ve been waiting to update mine given to past upgrades experiences and the fact that you cant go backc. I ve read that sometimes a clean intallation of ...
  • These are the kind of things I hate about Canon lately. My ancient Powershot G5 has voice tagging. I hope Canon fix that with a firmware upgrade because is beyond the pale.

  • The new Panasonic CameraPhone has a sensor larger than the image circle, meaning capable of muti aspec crops. Why is that bizarre? A camera is a camera, big, small, iOS powered or propietary...

  • It doesnt have to be a 16:9 sensor. A 3:2 sensor would have been a more efficient solution.
    Ideally premium smartphones should have multi-aspect ratio sensor. Combined with the phone level sensors...

  • Any reason why Apple is still using a 4:3 Aspect Ratio sensor in a 16:9 world?
    All the pictures are shown top/botton cropped on the iPhone 16:9 screen or with side bars when zoomed out, same for ...

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