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  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    I never wrote anywhere that Rishi is lying; merely that he is showing an (negative) emotional attachment. You are "projecting" words into my mouth even as you accuse me of "projecting."

  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    Reading Rishi's comments, it seems clear that he is emotionally committed to trashing the 7D2 (see: " rest of us...simply use architectures that don't need...". Talk about seething spite!), which...

  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    Rishi, it must have been painful to spend so much time with a camera you obviously hate so much. My pity goes out to you for having such an unrewarding job, and I hope you find a more fulfilling...

  • Commented on Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview

    If the T6i has anything resembling the sophisticated AF system, pentaprism viewfinder, fast mirror, and the buttons of the 7DII, I'm going to drop everything and buy one. I somehow doubt it,...

  • You've never actually used a panfocal cell phone camera, have you? I have (iPhone 3G). It was not pretty.

  • Thunderbolt may be worthwhile for drives used in regular line of work, such as for this reviewer, but it seems vastly overkill for an emergency boot drive. If that is all you want, I'd simply...

  • > Would Lightroom read the tags on import properly?

    You mean tags that you wrote into the RAW files based on my instruction above? If so, then yes, it does. Using this Adobe importer? The article...

  • If metadata such as tags and ratings are the only things you want to salvage from Aperture, you can just write them into the RAW/JPEG files using the "Write IPTC metadata into original" command...

  • Hrm! An "importer" for a non-destructive edit program that doesn't actually import the non-destructive edits!

    I can't place a finger on it, but I'm pretty sure there's a Monty Python sketch hiding...

  • If you know what you're doing, of course you'd step back and zoom in order to flatten the perspective. Most camera phone users won't know what they're doing, zoom with their feet and end up...

  • 29mm equivalent is the same as the wide end of Canon APS-C kit zooms (18mm x 1.6). Any wider and the perspective distortion on e.g. closeup portraits become too annoying for comfort. I for one...

  • It never ceases to amaze me that some people actually seem to choose DSLRs for style, of all things.

    Pro tip: all DSLRs look the same to people who don't read DPReview. That is to say, they look...

  • I can see the argument against a built-in flash in a big DSLR, but why is it desperation to ask for a built-in flash in a "compact" camera? The fastest lens and best sensor in the world do not...

  • Let's assume you are right. How are you suggesting sports and wildlife shooters spend the next five years?

  • Given that this is a zoom and not a 600mm prime, I wish it had a somewhat shorter MFD. (I know it isn't trivial.)

  • What Chinese factory are you talking about? Canon's list of its factories only show their plants in Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia making EF lenses. My L lenses and two bodies (650D and 6D) are made in...

  • Listen, if you are willing to trust your expensive gear to $40 piece of crap Target bags, be my guest. We clearly attach different sets of values to time, opportunity cost, and our gear.

  • @peevee1
    Of course there is no such thing as an unbreakable zipper. Good bags are less breakable than others, however, often by a significant margin. The Tumi suitcase and briefcase I purchased...

  • 8I used to think the same way about expensive suitcases, until an $80 suitcase decided in middle of an overseas trip that its zippers no longer needed to work. Thank goodness I happened to be in a...

  • @Jun2
    If you had really been using Macs for the last 20 years, surely you had experience with 7.5.0, 7.5.2, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, and most recently 10.7 (Lion). Mavericks is a masterpiece compared to...

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