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  • Well, this lens's reach is so limited that you'd need to carry a standard zoom anyway. In other words, 18mm is a relatively unimportant focal length for this lens.

    I've only taken this lens out...

  • I have the exact opposite problem. Flickr usually loads instantaneously, whereas is like watching paint dry. A big reason why I've ruled out switching. Maybe it has something to do with...

  • Never ceases to amaze me how people keep waltzing in to give self-righteous pontifications about this low-end superzoom that they were never going to buy anyway.

  • Damn right! Twice the weight, no faster and won't even take front filters--all for twice the price! Go Sigma!

    Oh, wait...

  • @Roland
    I'm not offended at all; just a bit amused and bemused at the same time.

    In Japanese the mountain is called Fuji-san, where -san is not the generic honorific used for people (e.g....

  • As a Japanese citizen, your use of the pseudo-Japanese word "Fujiyama" while purporting to defend all that is good and great about Japan makes me far more uncomfortable than anything in that...

  • If you had bothered to click on the links, you'd have seen that they're offering the actual lectures in video format.

  • As others have said, Rolex is a bad example because they actually make their own movement (clockwork) in-house. Almost any other Swiss watch maker would have made a better example, as virtually all...

  • In my 20 years experience reading stuff on the Internet, "my humble opinion" usually means "I'm too lazy to edit the previous paragraph to disguise my arrogance with more diplomatic words." Just in...

  • Look at Aperture's screen, and think about how many features would have to be but before people with no serious interest in photography (i.e., iPhoto user base) would cease to be intimidated....

  • That's nice. Now tell me where I'd have to call if Adobe goes offline for more than 99 days due to a "change in strategy" or something.

  • @SantaFeBill
    The idea is not to use new OS to run old software, but to keep a copy of an existing OS to run existing software in the future.

    Windows XP did a decent job of running Windows 3.1...

  • Well, all I have to do to defend myself against RAW obsolescence is to maintain installation images of Windows 7 and your favorite non-subscription RAW developer program. Short of an apocalyptic...

  • @Lars
    I'm not so sure. With a 1/3" sensor and 4.1mm lens (same as iPhone 5), f/2 gives you a DoF of only about 190cm at 100cm distance. That's just about the distance you would have between your...

  • Did you notice this invention covers variable aperture in addition to variable focus? Is the world finally headed toward variable aperture on mobile phones?

  • A common complaint from camera neophytes when they use high-end compacts or DSLRs is "This camera doesn't focus!", when they actually mean "The DoF is too thin and I don't know how to stop...

  • @String
    20 years is more than enough time for software to fade into irrelevancy and vanish. Lotus 1-2-3 looked pretty impregnable back in the days, too.

    I am now digitizing my 20+ year...

  • @String
    The Lightroom catalog and Photoshop files you backed up will become unreadable if CC is discontinued. Yes, you do get to keep the original RAW and the exported JPEGs, but what happens to...

  • iPad 2's camera is a sub-1Mpix joke, pointless for anything beyond record-taking purposes. I don't understand why anyone who cares enough about photography to create a DPReview account would even...

  • On the plus side, a typical Canon full frame owner needs 77mm filters anyway because that's what the kit zooms (24-105 f/4L and 24-70 f/4L) use. But yeah, it's huge.

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