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  • You've linked to a thread where EIGHT people have complained they were unable to successfully install iOS 8.1. You added your partial ALL CAPS rant to the bottom of that thread talking about how ...
  • Because software is just a very long list of calculations that generic hardware has to perform. If you reduce the number of calculations needed to complete the same task you speed up the overall...

  • I don't. I don't even have a CCK. The iPad apparently supports MPJEG but I'd guess camera doesn't wrap it correctly or saves / names the files differently. You'll need to google
  • Did you try google this is the top result for "import video camera connection kit" If you've tried the obvious and you can't see the ...
  • "There's no panorama support at all, meaning at least the iPad 2 and 3 will NOT be able to shoot panos."

    Yeah because Beta 1 is always 100% feature complete across all supported devices.

    By your...

  • "There's no panorama support at all, meaning at least the iPad 2 and 3 will NOT be able to shoot panos."

    Yeah because Beta 1 is always 100% feature complete across all supported devices.

    By your...

  • It might help if you explained what you hope to gain by connecting it to your home network? Are you attempting to access shared files on a windows machine? Remote desktop? Media on a NAS? Plex server?
  • Replied in PhotoMgrPro
  • "it's lucky that privately-owned SpaceX happens to own its own rockets".

    But that's what SpaceX does! They make rockets!

    You might have well have said "It's lucky that Intel make microchips" or...

  • Without any information on the software used to manage your blog it's not possible to answer your question. But... Looking at the HTML though your blog is a wordpress site, therefore you need to ...
  • I very much doubt it, it goes against the whole ethos of what the iPad is about.
  • Replied in GPS TEST
  • Clearly yes. Given the same 'dimensions' a RAW file from a camera will be of a larger file size than the out of camera JPEG. If you're seeing something differently then you need to work out what is ...
  • Replied in Birds
    So tell me again what this post is doing in the iOS Talk forum? It's because you resized them to fit 1024x768px? Really?
  • Why would it be fake because he's copying an older photograph? Anyway, the developer of the app used has examined the files and says it's genuine. Good enough for me. Some people have lots of spare ...
  • Wow, and there we were all thinking that this plastic piece of crap from China was actually a Nikon when it turns out it's just a travesty to the industry and another muddy splurge on what's left...

  • This will copy the apps, but none of the data within them (But they may have data in offline storage such as iCloud). An alternative approach is to. A) Backup your iPhone B) Setup the iPad using ...
  • Replied in Why iPotatos?
    This has turned into a real nasty thread with individuals appear to be doing nothing more than belittling each other over the smallest details. Who cares if one developer knows ...
  • Commented on DPReview on CreativeLIVE article

    So you either watch it live... or you can't watch it at all? Really??? That's the best you could do?

    It's 2013 guys. Timeshiftimg, VOD, catch up TV - they're all 'a thing' now.

  • Replied in Why iPotatos?
    It would seem you feel an iOS device is under specified and over priced. I would certainly suggest you look at buying an Android (Or Windows, or Blackberry) device then, there sure is a lot of ...
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