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  • A very nice shooting site! Why were all photos taken wide open at f/2 -- doesn't the pre-installed camera app allow for aperture control? If it doesn't, it would be very interesting to re-shoot ...
  • That's exactly what I'm saying! Give us a basic UI with just those several functions -- call it a "simple UI." Let it be with bigger buttons, simpler layouts etc. And let the normal UI be the ...
  • Both Samsung with TouchWiz and HTC with HTC Sense seem to have realized they really went overboard with their customizations and perceived "added value." That's why we see more devices from them ...
  • When will we have a version suited for 5-6" screen devices like the Galaxy NX line of interchangeable cameras? I don't want to deal with dumb cameras like the Canon Mark II/III, Sonys, Nikons and ...
  • I will ask again -- do you have even one Android device which qualifies you to be a moderator on this forum? Yes or no?
  • No, I do not hate iOS device/iSheep users per se. At least because I make plenty of money using their stupidity. Those iDevices/iServices/iWhatever do not meet any real needs. Let us be real. They ...
  • Careful with the name calling. You will be called upon to defend it. And I am not sure you have the capacity to do so. Both. The first part I addressed in my original post. The second part I have ...
  • 1. Android dominates iOS world-wide in a 79% to 14% margin: Gartner research sold devices world-wide We don't want another (Windows vs. Mac) dominance all over again, do we? 2. Android design and ...
  • I bet you do. lanefAU is clearly in no position of, and does not have the knowledge to compare fairly (cf. my other reply to the poster). So, as I pointed out previously, if you are looking for an ...
  • My replies to Mark B. and Olga got deleted, but things have changed since then. So I will share freely again my well-founded opinion. You, lanefAU, are wrong. This is nothing like the Nikon/Canon ...
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