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Dear Pinky,

My trusty sidesqueak, the plan is three fold:

1. Finally launch (based on our award winning and being re-engineered site), whereby people can explore the world via geographically organised photos.

2. Start a video blog that blends a mix of commentary and slapstick wit.

3. Use a camera to log the history of my family and company using high quality stills and video whilst engaging in street and creative architectural photography around the world, because landscapes and sunsets will always be there, but people and buidings won’t.

Current arsenal:

Samsung EX2F
(Superb street, scenic and low light social/family camera. Only flaws are lack of manual exposure on video and buggy firmware. Great all rounder, but good at all.)

Dream camera:

Ergonomically and featurewise, the Panasonic GX7/Olympus EM-1 are the closest to the perfect camera, however, the fact the displays cannot face forward (unlike other Panasonics and the Samsung EX2F/Canon G12 etc) means it is not a convenient for video production, or the now popular selfie. Big mistake! Looks like Panasonic were trying to compete with the OM-D rather than focus on their core competency, video! GH3 too big, may as well buy a 5D MkII or III!)

So, ideal camera would be a Pentax body + GH3 type articulating display + Sony sensor + Carl Zeiss*/Olympus or Nikon glass (*Sony f717 IQ was superb in good light) + Samsung menus & it must all fit in my pocket thanks to next generation only Sony could do it miniaturisation but with Oly EM-1/Fuji X100 grippy tactile exposure adjustment knobs. Phew!


I am not brand loyal at all (I choose what works!), although despite having never owned one, consider Olympus to offer the greatest IQ/DR/mid range glass, Nikon the best clean low light images (D3 is awesome!), Canon have lost control, Pentax are the best for handling and dynamic range (D/K series are outstanding, just wish that video was given focus by Pentax and they introduced articulating displays), Samsung deserve kudos for the NX & EX series, Panasonic’s best contribution other than GH series is their outstanding Ai mode that really does work (and adjusts the exposure for sky and ground superbly), Sony should focus on sensors and learn from Pentax about handling/operational feedback, Fuji are awesome for the lovely X series.


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  • Clearly, some did NOT read my comment. a) iPhoto LOST hundreds of my photos on it's own, as all those who were features in the photos know. It was and is buggy. b) The Export bug is a bug, and is...

  • This is brilliant, and inspiring. Am an inventor and also look up to the people featured in your photographs, so it's nice to place a face to the name.

    Love the one of Mark Setteducati in particular!

  • iPhoto is one of the worst pieces of software ever developed, and I speak as a UX (User Experience) and software engineer. 1. A few years after it was launched, it managed to lose over 400 of my...

  • iPhoto is one of the worst pieces of software ever developed, and I speak as a UX (User Experience) and software engineer. 1. A few years after it was launched, it managed to lose over 400 of my...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    Why no articulating display? Vital for video really. #GH4

  • 1. Whilst it could just be they are slightly out of focus, the trees in the background of samples 4 & 5 of the boat and islands look mushy.

    2. In Sample 5, DPReview have inadvertently? captured...

  • GH4 sales.

  • GH4 sales. Lack of touch screen and a front dial means this is a no no, they have made too many sacrifices. Panasonic, Samsung and Canon do touch screens best, yet they have omitted a major asset,...

  • Commented on bb_ISO_125_DSC08675 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    What an amazing shot!

  • I disagree. 6 months or so ago I went shopping for a quality compact for my brother (who is a pro) and I (a pro-sumer) & tried the RX100, Panasonic LF1 & Pentax MX-1. (I already own & love my...

  • If it did 4K, I would consider the MKiii over the Panasonic GH4. To be able to put a broadcast quality video camera in your pocket would be groundbreaking! Next year?

  • I have viewed all the samples and thought the opposite. Have always felt Sony images look sharp (I had an f717 and various Cybershots before and after). Am viewing on a Dell monitor with fairly...

  • 64GB of SSD in 2014 is pathetic. I'm using 1TB of SSD on my MB Pro 15", and will need more in a year. I had 256GB on my excellent MB Air 13", but filled it up in a year too before getting the...

  • Having owned countless Sony products, whilst they have always got miniaturisation and technical innovation right, they cannot do handling and UX (User Experience.) Pentax and Panasonic are way way...

  • Want! Finally, a reason to sell my otherwise excellent Samsung EX2F. (Don't laugh, best camera they ever made.) A mix of flip forward screen (good for video not just selfies), pop up VF and the...

  • The man needs to get the late 2013 edition MacBook Pro with 1TB of SSD - that I am typing this on. Should handle the 4K video ok, although it will still get a little toasty until the fans kick in.

  • Ed: The spec lists Touch autofocus, yet the screen spec doesn't specify Touch screen.

    Wish Samsung would focus on the EX3F, not these interchangeables. I love my EX2F, but it's becoming obsolete,...

  • Co-incidentally, I got to play with one of these in Curry's (UK) just yesterday. Yes, it's tiny and cute, but I could not work out how to use it outside of full auto. I set it to A but could find...

  • Saucer shaped would be better.

  • Why? My NEX 5R offered 10FPS shooting, 1080P 60P video, tilt screen etc for a tad less money.

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