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  • The Otus is unparalleled wide open - no CA even out to the corners. Sharpness is quite excellent as well. I agree about 5.6 - would like to have seen the others vs. Otus at 2.8. One lesson though...

  • @PhotoKahn - sorry, I should have specified. I meant, "I don't know how serious Snapper's comment was".

  • @PhotoKhan - I'm not sure how serious that comment was. It's hard to declare a winner although the complete lack of AA filter on the D810 becomes apparent at times with a bit more sharpness which...

  • Thanks DPR for this!

    Otus shines wide open and in the corners/edges. Quite amazing the lack of CA and the sharpness wide open. The Nikkor certainly is a better lens than the EF, but at f/5.6, the...

  • Interestingly enough, both 5Ds have moire in the same place and about the same amount with the S looking a bit blurred out as we would expect. But the LPF doesn't seem to be helping much on the 5DR.

  • Yep!

  • I really think the combination of 42Mp, the ability to shoot without any mechanical shutter vibrations, IBIS and BSI sensor is going to be quite impressive. Maybe I'll finally give up that dream of...

  • There is nothing to rectify, you just need to look at reality. Fuji took longer to build up as many lenses for their system than Sony has for the FE mount system. But they've also been at it...

  • @Alexis - just be patient. In the time it's taken Nikon to update the D800, we already have a good collection of lenses. In the time it will have taken Canon to update the 5DIII, Sony will have put...

  • @Rishi: But where is the money going to come from? The market for this stuff isn't getting bigger I don't think. Something has to give - perhaps an exit or two?

  • @bmwzimmer - I can confirm, if you do a lot of bursting, 500-600 isn't out of the question.

  • Commented on Week in Review: Sony FTW article

    @Raw - oh yea, you again. I saw "bhima" in your responses and didn't notice the white of the text. But nonetheless, where do you get the idea that a7R and a7RII don't have compressed Raw? A7, A7II,...

  • Commented on Week in Review: Sony FTW article

    Ah, so you're using the name "Bhima" as well?

  • Commented on Week in Review: Sony FTW article

    @Eleson - yes, true. But the lens being able to kick off moire isn't an indication that the lens is out resolving the sensor.

  • Commented on Week in Review: Sony FTW article

    @Bhima - they don't have compressed raws? How do we know that. As for the washed out color, where do you see that? At what ISO? Samples? Links?

  • Commented on Week in Review: Sony FTW article

    @Eleson - I'm pretty sure cameras are outresolving a lot of lenses and still getting moire. No?

  • @Roses: Add the silent electronic shutter to that and you've got a great wedding camera.

  • @User50: Yes, it's problematic I agree. I used to get about 900 out of my D600, now I get 400 from my A7. My new iPhone 6 goes all day with some talking and an hour so of playing music and I still...

  • So hold on to your seats in other words - it's going to be a wild ride!

  • Sue Sony for lossless compression? Seriously.

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