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  • Hey man, whatever floats your boat. You're obviously atypical and myopic.

  • If all you care about in a phone is RAW capture in the camera, just get a camera and be done with it.

    If you want a useful tool, steer clear of Windows phones, and deal with the horrible agony...

  • If the lack of RAW on an iPhone is a dealbreaker for you, then I take it you just don't own a phone then.

    I feel pretty confident not valuing your opinion on such matters going forward, so thanks...

  • Again, a few might like it, but the majority have no use for it. It's likely just a feature that, for the market, doesn't add appreciably to their sales figures.

    RAW on a smartphone is like...

  • Yeah, I don't want or need RAW for my mobile photo needs. I just want to snap, edit, and share.

    Same with the card slot. I never swapped them out when I had them, and when I got my current...

  • I'm seriously considering going to iPhone after 4 years with Android products, but this phone might keep me around for another contract. If it's waterproof, and there's definite specs out before...

  • Then I suppose the V3 is the industry leader in beehive photography.

    Outside of that, though (and a few very specific other niches), the fps is at best a fringe benefit, that doesn't outweigh the...

  • If you're relying on 20 vs 11fps to get your shot, i think it speaks to a fundamentally flawed approach to the photography itself.

  • TIL that there are apparently real people out there who would rather plug their entire camera in and let it sit instead of just slapping a battery into a charger while they throw in a spare and...

  • Flipside: If getting both Ps and Lightroom is no incentive to you (raises hand), you're getting no additional benefit, with the drawback of always being chained to that payment. After paying X...

  • tkbslc,

    Better still, they could give the customer the option to decide what's best for them. The forced tradeoff of paying more for things you don't want/need is never a positive...same with...

  • What UWA and fast 35 prime are you using in the EOS M line vs the m43 offerings? There's no basis for comparison, which kind of proves the point.

  • What UWA are you using in the EOS M line vs the m43 offerings? There's no basis for comparison, which kind of proves the point.

  • Commented on 2014 Waterproof Camera Roundup article

    Mike, in 35mm equivalence, the AW1 is only 2mm longer at 27mm than the Oly's at 25mm. If that's a deal breaker, regardless of any other factor, well I guess that's okay, but you'd have to agree...

  • Commented on HTC One M8 Camera Review post

    Yeah, all except the fact that "your remarks" are based on your lack of perspective.

    If you care so little about the subject, why keep commenting? Nobody here wants to know what you have to say...

  • Sounds like Zuck is losing Instagrammers to VSCO Cam...

  • Commented on Sony a6000 Review preview

    Paul, that's not an accurate comparison (and I think you know it), but even at that, with the limited lens stable for their full frame mirrorless, Sony can only be considered the "leader" of the...

  • Commented on Sony a6000 Review preview

    Masters of compact? Absolutely. The closest thing to the RX100 is the Panasonic LX7, and while definitely aimed at a different purpose, is clearly edged out overall by the Sony offering.


  • Commented on HTC One M8 Camera Review post

    "I don't know anyone who is serious about photography that uses a phone."

    Then go crawl back in your third world hole and quit posting here. Every one I know that knows a viewfinder from a lens...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview

    "A Pro can choose what works for them..."

    True...and the vast majority choose Canon and Nikon. Funny how that works.

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