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  • I think this has more to do with the announcement sequence of the 1D X and D4. Canon pre-announced the 1D X by about 8 months, as I remember, leaving the D4 looking a little lacklustre, when it was...

  • "Toshiba, who manufactured sensors for the Nikon D5200 and D7100" - and also the D7200. You've insisted it's a Sony, but you're wrong.

    It's an interesting issue for Nikon, because Sony also bought...

  • Commented on Nikon D7200 Review

    You're still saying this is a Sony sensor. I'm pretty sure it's a Toshiba like the D7100.

  • (continued) The term ISOless, was rather phrased in the sense 'you don't have to use the ISO control', and the speculative ISOless camera was a camera without an ISO control and a different style...

  • As one of the people in at the beginning of the term 'ISO-less' I agree it's a bit clumsy. But I'd say that ISO-Invariant, as well as being equally clumsy is also fundamentally wrong. The question...

  • I'm glad to hear of your unbelief in anything quantum. Presumably you abstain form using nuclear power, even from natural sources, like the sun.

  • I think it's something slightly different. In the early days, CCDs had a higher intrinsic quantum efficiency that CMOS sensors. To compensate this, the earlier CMOS sensors (particularly the Canons...

  • To martindpr (1 hour ago)
    Nikon D2X 476%, mhm, yeah right... If 100% is max efficiency, then D2X must be inventing more of it according to the source you posted.
    There are some anomalies in that...

  • Commented on Nikon D5500 Review

    I'm interested by you comment on the lab test, p8. - '*We originally shot the scene with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art as part of an attempt to introduce that lens as the standard across systems, but we...

  • Commented on a preview

    You're still carrying your 'belief' that this camera has a Sony sensor. It's pretty clear now that it's a Toshiba, like the D7100. Time to update, I think...

  • Commented on a preview

    See my response above. From the product shot with the lens off, I'd say this is the Toshiba sensor, not the Sony.

  • Commented on a preview

    From the product shot with the lens off, the sensor looks like the Toshiba again, not the Sony. The Sony has a very distinctive pattern of lands top and bottom and has a blue optical mask frame,...

  • 'EI is essentially the same as ISO.'
    Rather, EI is the right term and 'ISO' is the wrong one. 'ISO' is an organisation with lots of standards, not all about photography. The Exposure Index (As...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500

    I think the interesting thing is that although the pixel count is the same, Nikon haven't carried on using the same sensor. The latest Sony unit is overall a better performer than any of the...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500

    Slightly wrong. D3200 sensor was Nikon. D3300 Sony. D5200 and D7100 Toshiba, D5300 Sony. I don't know what is the D5500 yet, but most likely Sony. The Sony, Nikon and Toshiba sensors all look quite...

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