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  • Commented on Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview

    E-M5II with the high-res mode should be good for your wife's artwork. All you need is a good tripod. However, for adapting old primes and taking photo in low light, you are not going to beat A7II....

  • Commented on Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview

    Apple have the best processing in smartphone so if the software is from Apple there wouldn't be high ISO noise issues

  • Commented on Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview

    Call me cynical but I suspect the reason this camera isn't as good as it can be giving SONY's track record of always going for the best is to leave space for the A9 coming out later this year. If...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview

    BTW, I think DP's claim that A7 II is the biggest and heaviest EVIL/mirrorless camera is inaccurate. GH4, E-M1 and NX1 are all bigger than A7 II in one, two or three axes and NX1 is heavier as well.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview

    Such an epic camera. Nothing like handhold a FF + fast prime in the middle of night taking photo at 1/8s.

  • One additional thing I learned from this review is Samsung fan cannot read before comment. Lg G3 I understand because that wasn't mentioned in the review but Note 4 was mentioned three times.


  • I am sure you can find used units on eBay/Amazon. K800i is GSM so should still be usable.

  • For iOS, I am already using the best camera on iPhone 6+.

    For Android, the only two broadly available phones I would consider are Note 4 and Galaxy S6. Other Android OEMs for some reason still...

  • I like adding bacon and a side of fries.

  • Don't forgot G7X. I picked it over RX100 III because of the longer and faster lens. It is a noticable step up from the RX100 I I have.

  • I still believe the ranking for high-end pocketable compact is G7X, RX100 III, LX100 and finally X30. The top 3 all have something special but X30 is just a LX100 with tiny sensor.

  • EVIL/mirrorless used to be cheaper but now companies are selling them at a premium due to a number of advantage over DSLR. Lighter body, faster fps, quieter shutter and better video AF. Of course...

  • What are you talking about?

    Fuji, Pentax, Olympus & SONY - SONY
    Panasonic - Panasonic
    Nikon - SONY, Toshiba & Aptina
    Canon - Canon
    Samsung - Samsung

  • Photos look good especially at 28mp. I'd like to see side-by-side comparison with a6000 and the upcoming GX8 and Fujifilm 24mp camera in the full review. For now, I still think the discounted a6000...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    The Chrome Film Simulation photo with the pretty model on page 4 have horrible sharpness at ISO 400. Was it the effect, the 200% DR or just poor processing? I think my X-E1 can do a lot better at...

  • Seattle isn't that much fun I guess. I bet you'd get a lot interesting thing to photography if DP move to New York or East Asia.

    Also, that some deep DOF. Back when I was shooting with my E-PL2 I...

  • @J A C S
    I got a feeling you don't get what interview means as that's done on TV interviews. If you just want Olympus marketing terms, ask Mr. Ogawa to host an online Q&A with community voted...

  • Some people don't understand what biggest shareholder mean. It means unless other institutional shareholders decided to band together or someone managed to convince millions of individual...

  • @HowaboutRAW
    Olympus never made a sensor above 16mp so how do you figure it made better lenses than Canon when Canon is willing to put 50mp behind the lens to test it?

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