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  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    I'd keep this review unfinished until the Pentax FLUcard arrives -- guess that's the last piece of the puzzle.

    And then -- we Pentax owners will finally see if our flagship camera earns a rating...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    I am shocked at the low pricing for this excellent camera -- and for those from other mfgrs -- and also how fast the value depreciates. Scary, scary business. Great times for the consumer, but you...

  • Thanks Jerome -- sounds like nothing's changed, back to Speed Graphic time!

  • I'm out of touch. Could someone tell me why, in this digital age, we need detachable backs? Don't you just swap out memory cards? Or, do these backs include a hard drive -- and , if so, do you...

  • As per a post below, to get you to buy the crocodile skin grip. But may be less expensive to go to Florida, shoot an alligator in the Everglades, and make the grip yourself -- perhaps with a...

  • 3X the price of the new Pentax 645D-II... same 50 MP sensor? What am I missing here?

  • Looks to me like Nikon is extremely vulnerable, with 76% of their income from cameras. The others are more diversified. They should probably merge with Samsung, and start developing a line of...

  • Hey! I've got a Pentax K-01... and it's wonderful... very easy to use. I give Newson a big plus for it... but not for the Leica...

  • But we still have to wait for the Hasselblad version of the Crayola camera, rumored from a reliable source to be on track for an April 1...

  • How much for the case?

  • As a Pentax owner, I tend to look on Nikons as ugly and not very ergonomic. Practically, the collapsible lens sounds like a mess for quick shooting, since you have to push yet another button to...

  • You know, it's like you can't go wrong with ANY Pentax camera. I have a K-30 and a K-01... love them both. And a friend recently bought a new MX-1 and thinks it is fantastic. Sharp lenses, great...

  • I have a Pentax K-30 -- same sort of thing. It's a good camera, geat in the hands. But the real winner is my older Pentax K-01, with a Hoodman loupe gaffer-taped on the back to make a HUGE evf. The...

  • Well, I have an older 16-45mm. I'm sure this new one is better, but I don't know that the difference would make me a better photographer.

    And then there's the cost. $1,000 is a lot of money!

  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    I don't think I could ever learn to knit. Insanely complicated. Will stick with my Pentax K-01... also 16 MP, slightly less image quality than the FFs... but then, only $400.

  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    New wine in an old bottle. Strange, looking back, how ugly those old cameras were.

  • It looks sort of like an old Nikon, but works like a new one? So -- the only reason to buy is an external packaging change? Who cares?

  • Commented on Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition news story

    For the money, why not a solid silver body ... actually, for durability, 93% silver, 7% copper, like the old US silver dollars. Silver's only $21 per ounce these days, wouldn't exactly be a cost...

  • Interesting -- folks travelling around via horse and wagon. Surprised they haven't made the move to RVs or motorhomes... a much easier life, and not that much more expensive. Or an old school...

  • Interesting -- folks travelling around via horse and wagon. Surprised they haven't made the move to RVs or motorhomes... a much easier life, and not that much more expensive. Or an old school bus,...

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