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Been shooting for 30 years. Everything from MF to whatever fits in the hand, (including video). Ran an in-house commercial studio for 12 years. I currently do limited freelance work, (choosing those assignments that don't involve cheapskates). I prefer DSLRs, shoot MF film on occasion, and don't mind compacts. I don't care what you shoot with, so long as you have appreciation for shooting.

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  • Well, Mark. It's all about access. Hammers and cough drops (used in your example) are readily available and common, just like images of landscapes, trees and every day items used in stock. Shoot...

  • Agree. Other than that article, at least I've spent considerably less time online as a result of the nothing worth reading about, otherwise.

  • With regards to a PR show, it covers the bases with medical grade clean rooms, workers patiently focusing on their work (rather than conversing and joking with one another). Setup workers making...

  • It's all about content and access. Content still being "king", and access from having the right tools (skills) and permission (client, agreement, contract, etc.) to extoll a fee.

    With the...

  • Wudyi. You and I live in a different reality. While I agree that the market has changed, those whom refused to change with it (refused to go digital, relied solely on prints for profits, and...

  • Yes, Richard. Obvious some find it easier to complain and find fault with hard working folks like Jessica, than to look at themselves in the mirror. :)

  • Folks. There are people out there with money to burn. While the technology is awash with very capable gear at bargain prices. Like a peacock proudly presents it's feathers, some with the means...

  • Whom else has a studio at 10,000 feet, going 300mph in the cold, deafening wind that is qualify to make a disrespectful comment?

    I'm sure that if you were sitting in the seat next to her, door...

  • @Model Mike

    Because? (Enlighten me).

  • I think it's time that we drop the "smart" or "cell" phone monicker and consider this and other collections as what they are: Photography. These articles tend to suggest that credit belongs to...

  • Have to agree, being on the net since it's inception (and in my experience), there has been a sharp rise of trolls and nasty comments in just the last five years alone. I have left several forums...

  • Shock and yAwen. They might as well demand photogs shoot with film and send the negs to competent labs whom wont use dodge and burn... oh, wait.

  • She made the right choice by going when she's young and able, free from the burden and responsibility of raising a family, (imagine doing these things in one's retirement years when the joints are...

  • I was living in Snohomish, about 200 miles away, at the time of the eruption. I was doing chores outside and could clearly hear the explosion which sounded like a high powered rifle. Since we...

  • Commented on CES 2014: Canon Stand Report article

    It's not rocket science. There is a flood of new, young buyers whom view the camera very differently, and thus needs of the market has changed.

    In all my years of shooting, I've learned that it's...

  • Gonna side track a little and take notice about how marketing over the past few decades has went from the 'proud to work, contribute or be more effecitve' to an 'all about me' message. Thus we now...

  • In thirty years of shooting I've found that when trying to achieve the ultimate goal of the perfect device to capture the perfect image, despite all my efforts and investment, that content will...

  • Uhm... (grabs nearly worn out 7D and heads out to the next job).

  • Properly done, a published report has a summary for declarations of findings (which is general the free part), with the body of the document detailing the research and references that gives factual...

  • The act of photographing means that you are paying attention to the surroundings in hopes to capture something you've noticed.

    The real issue is the constant distractions of our current technology...

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