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  • Gary, whether you agree with Steppenwolf is another matter, I'm not taking sides but I take a very dim view of folks who always whine about "bullies". Its a Western thing I know, a pre-emptive...

  • They just did, unless you only just crawled out of a cave yesterday.

    Their "new" sensor - the 5DS - was the best they could come up with - using the same sensor technology from the past 5-8 years....

  • @HowaboutRAW - Are you typically one of those with difficulty understanding what "Seeing what the sensor is seeing" means? Even Liveview via the rear LCD panel allows you to do that but the point...

  • @ ChapelThrill23

    What a joke - how the naked eye even see any pixels on the Sony EVFs I can never comprehend?

    Have you ever looked into a Sony EVF? Seriously? Which review has ever mention...

  • This is the kind of dinosaur comments that beggars belief - you are talking about LCD based EVFs from the first mirroless EVFs which would be from at least 5 years ago.

    Sony makes the best EVFs...

  • The real idiocy is in folks like you who dun understand that "mirrorless in the digital era" really means one thing - seeing what the sensor is seeing real-time in the viewfinder.

    I've repeated ad...

  • @Rick Knepper - "I bracket every shot I take whether it be with my D800E, 645z or the upcoming 5DsR"

    LOL!!! Classic quote for the grandkids - That explains your blabbering nonsense!

    1st - you've...

  • @Rick Knepper

    Maybe you should wake up then... Sony sensor IQ is probably better than any of that Canon crap you are r using.

    For somebody who thinks that "decent image" means 6.5lbs of gear......

  • @M DeNero

    You still have not woken up!

    The sensor and camera divisions are both part of the imaging business! Camera ain't profitable? LOL!!!

    Check the bloody annual reports and see how...

  • @Camley & "So lens stabilization is a better approach - which is why Canon and Nikon use it"

    I'll say this once and for all for you Canikon sheep. It is stupid to think lens stabilization is any...

  • The pentaprism box cannot be shrunk. Neither can the mirror flapping mechanism making the body thick.

    But like I have said ad nauseum for a few years already - the key to mirrorless is a paradigm...

  • @M DeNero,

    Wake up, smell the roses and learn some basic facts!

    Sony's imaging business is its STAR performer & making its greatest profits and showing the biggest growth!

    Even when you buy your...

  • @L Copps,

    How many times must I say it to the idiots - Sony has ALWAYS had the full frame CZ 16-35mm f2.8, CZ 24-70mm f2.8 and Sony G 70-200mm f2.8 which are the equal to any Canikon equivalent...

  • @Joed700,

    What dinosaur era are you from? EVF problems with polarized lenses/sunshades?

    Sony's OLED EVFs are the best in the market since the A99 and have never had such issues.

    Liike what...

  • Exactly why the Optical View Finder & the SLR is so completely screwed up in this digital world.

    Its a century old "periscope" technology invented for the first submarines and trench warfare in...

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