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  • Probably a waste of time. You would need a new viewer/editor to implement the DRM, and who will do that when the existing JPEG looks good and is so ubiquitous?

    Ultra high fidelity music hasn't...

  • Should have called it the EM3.14159, for it's round shape.

    Interesting idea, but the release of the API is the really exciting news. Going to pull that down and see what can be done... and see if...

  • Interesting... Sony's great weakness has been glass, or the lack of. No signature lens line with a serious 'oh wow' factor. With the new AF system and adapters, sounds like they may not need one....

  • On the other hand, sensors are already at or near the limits of what is practical to use, so further improvement isn't translating into useable benefits as much. Cameras won't become obsolete as...

  • This may answer the question as to whether entry level DSLR's are still viable. They were in the 2000's, when the DSLR was the 'tech toy du jour', but most of those buyers have moved on to...

  • Commented on a preview

    What's really neat about this is: it's a new way to use a sensor. It's a first effort, strictly for static subjects, but it does show that there are possibilities beyond a fixed bayer sensor with a...

  • What's the point? By the time you've brought that and a lens or two along, you may as well have brought a small body along to get an eye level VF and good handling.

    Releasing the API for mobile...

  • Commented on a preview

    Why would you want this over an EM1? It's smaller, especially with no battery grip. VF has been brought up to EM1 specs. Don't know for sure, but I expect the EM5II still has the Sony sensor,which...

  • Ah, marketing hubris. Where would we be without it? That three year figure sounds a bit ambitious.

    One thing is for sure: the mirrorless field is here to stay, and it's not dominated by two...

  • If this is true... big if... it's the sort of innovation that is needed to boost camera sales, not just packing a few more MP and another stop ISO into the same old thing.

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