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micksh6's recent activity

  • Of course short flange distance helps mirrorless to design smaller UWA lenses. DSLR flange distance is ~45mm. Any lens shorter than 24mm will require retrofocal design and therefore will be...

  • It's not me. Samsung NX500 from 2015 has worse DR than Pentax K5 from year 2010:

  • Samsung never had best APS-C sensor. People say that because DxO declared it the best APS-C mirrorless sensor and people forget the "mirrorless" part.

    It is so because Sony crippled their Axxx...

  • That doesn't assume anything, just some thoughtless statement and math fail.
    "30 sec on 16GB" means 800MB/sec write speed when fastest rating is 90MB/sec.
    There are 512GB cards, good for more than...

  • What is confusing here? Card speed is rated for specific bus and camera has to support this bus for full speed. Camera makers state what bus is supported.

    Same thing with Compact Flash. In...

  • And it's hard to write anything else when D5 uses the same AF system as D5. Just nothing to add here.
    We should be glad that it's not wrong.

  • Commented on Connect post Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

    I wanted to point out that train shots are at ISO 200-500, and for best details it's better to look at something like last shot, where bottom part of the monument is well lit and in focus, but then...

  • Commented on Connect post Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

    The image quality is excellent at base ISO 40 when subject is in focus and shutter speed is fast enough. Don't look at first photo at ISO800 - no smartphone would do significantly better.


  • The OEMs also have to sell cameras to people who don't read sites like this

  • Yongnuo has the same radio module in all Canikon flashes and remote triggers. They'll sell 100 times more of these than Fuji will sell flashes. Economy of scale.

  • It's 2016.

    Products that transmit radio are more expensive to bring to market because they require certification (FCC in US and similar in other countries). Camera makers, except for Nikon and...

  • It's not a module, it's a single chip. Typical PC memory module (DRAM stick) has 8 of these chips that give 8GB capacity combined.
    This chip is obviously 8 Gigabit, not byte.

  • Samsung was blindly copying Apple without much thinking, I guess. They thought Apple has a success only because it doesn't offer SD card slot. Fail.

    With Galaxy S6 Samsung somewhat listened to...

  • I think it's an absolutely great film. One of the best ever made.
    Movie name is fine. This movie breaks standards in many ways. Seemingly incoherent name is just one of them. And it's a good...

  • BTW, why did you assume that I wanted to recover highlights?? I never implied that.
    Generally, there is a lot to see in photos beyond basic blown highlights.

    2 Alastair. If you ever tried to take...

  • I don't understand the negativity. Yes, I would reduce color saturation on some of the photos, #9 in particular, but vast majority of the photos are well done and pleasant to see, IMO.

  • "The entrance was blown out by choice". I agree with this point and I don't argue it. It's a good choice that author made. The entrance should have been blown.

    My point was that even with blown...

  • Erez, thanks for the answer. And for the photos, of course.
    Re: "how this is all connected to the topic". Never mind, those gearheads will always find a topic to invade. Good thing that it's only...

  • GaryJP, you win. I agree that with high ISO, above 800 (not 400) Canon doesn't suck that much as with low ISO.

  • Please do tell. Tell something meaningful when you stop editing your posts 10+ minutes after you initially posted it.

    It shouldn’t be so hard to keep your thoughts together and produce a coherent...

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