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  • couldn't I just add the effect in LR using a lens I already have?

  • Commented on Nikon D5500 Review preview

    At this rate, the D5600 will be announced for Christmas and they will change the texture of the grip, put the GPS back in but remove the Wifi, and add a control for aperture in live view...


  • Ive lost count of how many different 1 series cameras Nikon has pumped out in the last couple years....

    Its not good when there are so many models the consumer doesn't even know what the...

  • Commented on Nikon D5500 Review preview

    Looks decent, but how many more of these minor upgrade models can they keep pumping out?

    DPreview honestly could just post the D5300 or D5400 review with an addendum saying its a bit better.

  • We are on the J5 already????

    Must be cheap to pump out these upgrades.

  • Lytro is struggling because its a solution in search of a problem.

  • the audience for this is huge! huge i tell you!

  • Well, couldn't i just push the buttons on my own camera, toggle the switches on my own camera, and explore the menus on my own camera?

    Why would I pay to do that on a "virtual" one when I could do...

  • crickets...

  • We live in a surreal PC world when asking a simple question yields lectures, fears of offense and hurt feelings, and arguments about "why should anyone care if it doesn't impact quality".

    I was...

  • It doesn't matter, I was just curious to be honest.

    If you don't know its ok to say you don't know. We don't need a lecture on brand, price, and country.

  • Are these lenses made in Korea or in China?

  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article

    Thats 3 times more expensive...

  • The 55-200 and 55-300 are fair at best. The AF is slow and they work poorly for sports and wildlife. Ive tried them. They don't have full time AF override.

    The 10-24 is nice. The 12-24 is...

  • The 35 1.8 is ok for the price. The 17-55 2.8 is far too heavy, has no IS, and has only fair optical quality for the price. It is in dire need of an update to compete in the marketplace.

  • Well, since Nikon doesn't make many APS-C lenses other than 18-xxx zooms they are trying to "force" and upgrade path.

    This strategy has hurt Nikon, not helped them. If they had made a true...

  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article

    I got mine brand new during the holiday specials for $484 on Amazon. Right now they are $548... still a bargain.

  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article

    The discontinued D7000 is still the best deal in Nikon land... $499 body only for a real prism viewfinder, magnesium alloy build, 6fps speed and a reasonable buffer, and full compatibility with...

  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article


  • Commented on Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article

    the most interesting thing in this whole announcement is the new 55-200 VR... paired with the new 18-55 VR II and it makes a very nice compact kit that realizes the promises of the DX format.


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