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Michael Piziak

Michael Piziak

Lives in United States West Virginia, United States
Joined on Apr 10, 2012

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  • Commented on challenge Macro - Decaying in Nature

    I am hesitant to delete any entries.

    The voters will decide.

    This is to the person that filed a complaint against this photo.


  • Commented on challenge Macro - Where did it go?

    Agreed on the voter part.

    I prefer the voters choose - they are smart.

  • Commented on challenge Macro - Where did it go?

    I didn't make the rules of what a macro can be,
    actually, I read it here:

    I've had this discussion so many times that I am almost to the point...

  • Commented on challenge Macro - Where did it go?

    you can post a 1600 pixel image on a very large screen tv

  • Commented on challenge Macro - It's Red Hot

    I am so proud of all the entries - each one could have won!
    All the entries are exactly what I wanted - and you all delivered!

    Michael Piziak

  • Commented on photo Bubbles-5131 in the Macro - bubble(s) challenge

    To the person complaining it is not a macro, please look up the dozens of definitions of what a macro photo can be. If one made a print of this photo that was larger than the life in the photo, it...

  • Commented on photo Heart-warming in the Macro - It's Red Hot challenge

    Congrats on the excellent pic and also for placing first in my challenge!

  • Commented on challenge Macro - Something that Stacks

    Please viist the definition of a macro photo - wikipedia has a list of definitions

  • Commented on challenge Macro - Something that Stacks

    I *am* so PROUD of all of you!

    These are simply amazing submissions by every *single one* of you!

    Every submission is wonderful!

    Every submission deserves to win - maybe I should just close this...

  • Commented on photo Cough drops in the Macro - Something that Stacks challenge


    Please read my rules.

    Which includes this:

    So the voters will decide.

    I will *not* DQ this entry.

    Have a great day or night!


  • Commented on photo Woods stack in the Macro - Something that Stacks challenge


    Please read my rules and understand what a macro photo can be - which there are *many* definitions of a macro photo.

    From my rules, click this...

  • Commented on photo Bricks in the Macro - Something that Stacks challenge


    Please read my rules.

    There are many different definitions of what a macro photo is including you could take a selfie, print it so large like on a billboard, that your selfie is larger...

  • There is no requirement that any photo be taken with even a DSLR (digital camera). Film photos can be scanned in with a scanner and turned into a digital image, can't they! Big Smiles.


  • Commented on photo Stalked barrils in the Macro - Something that Stacks challenge

    I will not DQ this, since if this was printed on a billboard or building, the print may be bigger than life.

    I will leave it up to you to choose if you want to leave this in the challenge.


  • This is a great image.
    Do not feel bad if you came in near the end (or the end).

    EVERY single image in this challenge was great!
    Including this one!

    There are no losers - I love this photo above...

  • Congrats Chris 345 and to everyone - including the runner ups.

    I'm proud of all of you for entering such great phiotos!

    Cheers to everyone around the world from W.V. in the U.S. where I am...

  • Congratulations to Leif Strand for winning my macro challenge!

    There were some really excellent runners up and many many excellent images that weren't runners up.

  • Commented on a challenge

    Excellent challenge, as always, ConanFujiX !


  • Commented on challenge Hot Girl Cold Water

    I salute you Sir for a Challenge that I will thoroughly enjoy viewing the images and voting!

    I may even have to do a double take and see all the entries twice before I can fully evaluate the...

  • Commented on photo RayBan Polka in the Macro - Perforated challenge


    Congratulations on such a beautiful photo and for winning my Macro Challenge!

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