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  • Canon had to cut prices on them because nobody was buying them.

    And if you want a compact camera with a big sensor, again, they are available with fixed and interchangeable lenses.

    Plus small...

  • Big sensors are expensive. The camera you want exists- go buy a $2200 RX1.

  • Great stuff. Never mind the Luddites. They were the same guys who cried about digital sensors, AF, AE, etc. All those things have come and become standard, and lo and behold, photography is still...

  • How would this even work?

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    No reason this budget cam couldn't have the 51 pt AF AND the drive motor. But if the driver is value, the AF motor makes way more sense. There's no format AF heirarchy- the V3 for example has 171...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    Semantics. Point being I think there is a large market for a low content FF DSLR body, if the price is right. We aren't there yet, but it's only a matter of time with the D610 getting down under...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    I think people could live without 51 pt AF for a sub $1k FF DSLR body.

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    I agree that Nikon should come out with a cheaper FF, but the focus motor is crucial. Ditching it would make the body cheaper, but make lens choices more limited and expensive. I'd rather an extra...

  • This would make a nice second camera once it drops below $400 this fall.

  • Not necessarily a good thing.... negative response is always more voluminous than positive response

  • I could definitely make do with a bigger sensor and a faster zoom with less reach. I am talking ~F/1.8 the whole way through at the minimum. Reach is not that big of a deal for a cameraphone.

  • All I want is a 3x zoom with equivalent aperture close to FF 2.8 through the range. I'd rather the speed than the reach for the same aperture diameter. Hell, I could even do a ~24 to 35mm FF...

  • Article had video right in the title and you clicked it anyway. Don't blame DPR for your inability to know what you want.

  • No way. Different camera forms will always have different advantages over each other. There will never be a phone with a large sensor (like APS-C or bigger) and a fast lens. Arrays are the next...

  • That would just add needless expense w/o any benefit. I'd rather spend $400 on a great lens than on a so so lens and sensor.

  • Why not just do 4 sensors... R, G, B, luminance

    Less filters -> more sensitivity; more resolution too.

  • 2 sensors and 4 megapixels isn't enough....

  • Id rather just have multiple camera sensors. How quickly does this take the burst? The function is pretty much limited to static scenes/subjects.

    Give us arrays!!!!

  • Commented on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview

    1.8 3x zoom would have an aperture diameter not far off from that of the RX200.

  • Commented on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview

    I would love if they did something with an F1.8 ish (or faster) 3x zoom. Call it the RX200.

    I was hoping Sony would use a logical naming structure for the RX series. Single digit for FX, double...

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