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  • That's right Zoo - Dating back to the K10 for crying out loud, Pentax has had a much easier way to way to white balance than any other brand I have tried, including Nikon and Canon.

    You take a...

  • This really should have alligator instead of leather

  • I sure hope that the Sport version will get a K Mount release at some point. With its specs, it seems like it would be a perfect fit with my K3, and I could replace my 170-500....

  • Not at all - this would be a great remote camera for the courtroom, mounted behind a basketball backboard, or on a drone.

    Isn't this cheaper than the A5100?

  • A mic port and this thing would have sold me.....

    A good sensor in a small body that could take a bunch of different C lenses with an adapter. This would be a perfect small video system, except it...

  • The A77 is not an SLR, its an SLT - the mirror never moves

    An SLR has a mirror that moves Single Lens Reflex

    Sony stopped making SLRs for the mirror less NEX and a7 lines. All their 'mirror'...

  • I disagree - I think if you are using this as an equal still/video camera, you will put up with the slower for stills to get a smoother zoom during video shoots.

    I loved using the RX10 as a video...

  • Neither is an SLR

    Neither of these companies make an SLR

  • I don't know, a Leica under two grand (sans lenses) that doesn't feel like an overpriced Panasonic, with that slick body and touchscreen, is compelling to some. And, well everyone knows the...

  • The touchscreen and controls look awesome, and the design of the whole camera is beautiful.

    If it had a mic jack, I would seriously think about saving up for one. But it doesn't, and if that is...

  • I really like the idea behind this, the design of this, and the presumed capabilities of this.....


    Right now, with what and how I shoot, I need a camera that has video capabilities as well. I...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    ...And then again in a year when they come out with a 4K video recorder based on this (at least, that's what I am hoping)

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    They may not switch, but at that price, this may be their secondary camera....and with all that legacy film 645 glass floating around, and adapters for 6x7 lenses, that type of shooter would easily...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Thanks Richard for the update......I can wait for next week, as it seems this review will be very comprehensive, including several lens tests as well

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Spoken like someone who has not tried the K3 .......

    First of all,there are plenty of lens choices, and on the K3, they are as fast as any Canon or Nikon (maybe moreso). Case in point, I have...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Barney, stop with this reasoning that the timeframe for the review of the D610, in any way shows balance. It does not. First, even my 90-year-old grandmother knows there is only the slightest...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    And if some people are so upset with the comment section, maybe they should stop reading them......

    Look, the review is evolving, and Richard Butler has been quite honest about the reason behind...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    Cane - I hear what you are saying - they could make a tilting/pivoting screen and make it WR. But they don't, and I am glad because of the bulk that would add. I look at the MX1, and what that...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    If that is the line you draw on what camera to buy, go right ahead and choose something else. Except, only Canon offers an enthusiast DSLR with a tilting LCD.

    • Nikon has it on their entry...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 preview

    What would be really killer is a mix of both mechanical and software SR on video. Considering if you MF your lenses in video, it provides something

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