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  • Oh man, you need to relax. That was a humorous remark, since Panasonic also manufactures kitchen appliances.

  • Pricey. Largish.

    And frankly, I'm still skeptical of the bridge cameras.

    Though, sometimes, I want to buy one of the Pana FZ cameras just to experience first-hand what all those Pana users are...

  • Evidence that Leica T is manufactured by Panasonic is piling up.

  • Created discussions NewCameraNews
    DPR tries to lighten up the mood by occasional What The Duck comic strip. In mean time, another web site has appeared which also tries to entertain us: NCN, aka . Thus I have a ...
  • Replied in What The Duck
    The type of humor/satire is not for everybody. Even I enjoy probably only one out of three comics. But actually I peeked into this forum to suggest to extend the satire section by also aggregating ...
  • > Why do cameras cost so much these days?

    Because it is impossible to compete in the low end. A cheaper camera would have to compete against smartphones on one side, and the $350-400 CaNikon...

  • @dpmaxwell, who know how DPR wants to test the camera. Theoretically they can put an NX adapter on it and use the same lens they use for the bigger NX cameras. But probably it doesn't work for...

  • DPR, now you are obliged to at least test IQ of the Samsung NX Mini.

  • "My $4000 gear bag full of FF gear can not do this [...]"

    There is nothing special about those photos.

    Conclusion: wrong glass; teleconverter is missing.

  • "My $4000 gear bag full of FF gear can not do this [...]"

    There is nothing special about those photos.

    Conclusion about the "bag": wrong glass; teleconverter is missing.

  • "at this time, the main benefits of the N1 system are speed, stealth, and a breadth and reach of top shelf glass other systems have yet to match."

    When you put this legacy "breadth and reach of...

  • "while formats such as micro 43 are not dinged for being naturally inferior to larger formats?"

    So you want DPR to troll on your behalf?..

    "Their criteria are subjective and ever changing, making...

  • Just like every other summer.

  • The old tricks I heard about are: (1) filter smeared with vaseline and (2) filter dusted with flour.

  • > T-Stops and F-Stops are not equivalent.

    And I have never said that they were.

    > Talk about ignorance...

    Ironic, coming from person who puts words into my mouth.

    IIRC. Starting from around...

  • DPR article has "untangled" the topic.

    There is no "holy war". There is a small vocal group which twists and rejects the definition of the words. But it's OK to ignore them because the only...

  • "Then what will happen if I resize 36MP image into 16MP?"

    That would make DOF larger, as if shot on smaller sensor.

  • > So 36MP D800 has more DOF than 16MP D4?

    Indeed. But you have to look at the images at 1:1 magnification (or crop 36MP to 16MP) to see it. If you scale images to the screen size, the effect...

  • > If you want to talk about light transmission

    Everybody forgotten about T-stops because modern optics became so good, that one can easily convert F number into the T number, and then back.


  • DPR, you should have started with historical fact that 135 film format, aka "Full Frame", started its life as a crop, literally.

    All these formats are crops of the crops of the crops. None of them...

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