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  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    "By any means "iso invariance" is great to have but abusing of it makes for worse pictures [...]"

    We can measurebate the numbers all day long, but as long as it doesn't screw up the composition...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview


  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    ... at low ISO.

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    > ISO Invariance

    Oh my. Since I'm not much interested in the stuff, I have missed half the page #10. The most interesting half.

    And - oh my freaking god - this is finally happening!

    Finally, ISO...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    "The open question has been hanging around for some time: Why hasn't anyone tried the BSI approach on APS-C?"

    BSI manufacturing process is complex and doesn't scale well to the larger sensor.


  • That's why I called this "news from the Canon island."

    The article is clearly a product of the so-called "monoculture" (in non-agricultural sense). People who used only Canon for long time simply...

  • > Canon is here to stay

    But many people have already moved on.

  • "Sorry, but no. The TZ70 [...]"

    DPR definitely needs some intelligence database/system.

    Despite the contraction of camera market, they seem to forget things easily nowadays.

    They already have...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    "Sony A77M2 for $1548 on amazon"

    Good point. (Though the kit is not perfectly comparable, since the Sony's 2.8/16-50 isn't particularly stellar performer. And we comparing street price of 1yo kit...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    "It should be compared to other $3000 cameras regardless of sensor size."

    How many other cameras are sold in kit with a f/2.0-2.8 or constant f/2.8 zoom?

    "Also I don't see how any camera that has...

  • Barney, I think you are missing the point. By a mile.

    You have just presented a hybrid cam. And went on to tell everybody who was shooting stills/video for many years now (very often with the one...

  • IMO, the MP race is simply misguided. Few need the higher resolution - while most would rather take better pixels. Yet manufacturers, and DPR supports them, keep throwing at us more crappy pixels,...

  • > There's just more to the story, as always :)

    Well, I have my own agenda too :) Though I am not as capable articulating it.

    The problem as I see it is that higher resolution only addresses...

  • That's quite a laundry list of problems with the higher resolution sensors. Yet, DPR has in recent reviews - X100T and E-M5/2 - criticized the lower resolution (16MP) of the cameras. And in...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    The NX1 is their first which deserves such attention - and the award.

    I'm hopeful it wouldn't be their last.

    P.S. Samsung, NX500 with EVF please. Do it already. Give us the camera worth your...


  • "You countered saying that no 4K capable camera does line skipping and I concurred."

    No 4K camera does line skipping in 4K mode, as you have said above. Quote: "Other mirrorless cameras with...

  • But not the A7s. (Not the GH4. Not the NX1.)

    The other A7 cameras were not even mentioned here before. Neither do they support external recording, high bit rates or the 4K. What is the point of...

  • "That's your words, not DPR's."

    I have just reversed the reversed words to express clearly what was only implied.

    "But in terms of ergonomics and body design, they are stills cameras first and...

  • Commented on Samsung NX1 Review preview

    "The only exception to the excellent ergonomics are the four buttons on top of the dial that control ISO, WB, AF, and metering, which feel a bit Nikon-esque."

    The condescension is truly Canon-esque.

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