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  • Actually, it's pretty simple: everything above and beyond the rows of shoes, that is, the upper fourth of IMG_0043, was behind a display window. Blur & haloes explained?

  • The diagonal of the sensor matters because it's the required diameter of the image circle projected by the lens.

  • It was my understanding that even English joined "the rest of" the world when formalizing the SI (meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, etc... everything nicely decimal).
    It was.

  • Oh yeah, must be the same nice guy I bought a "digital back in 35mm-form-factor for film SLRs" from!

  • To the non-believers:
    Open your mind, don't give heed to the skeptics, let the hope in, and start saving now!
    Case in point, when I first heard about a then-called "digital FM" I thought, "WTF,...

  • O M G !! That above was "The Revenge of the Britton" (aka "the where's series") part III... and counting!

  • Not to mention that the mount lacks the two customary OM mechanical couplings (one for relaying the selected aperture to the metering circuitry, another to stop down the lens during exposure and...

  • More astonishing yet, it's pretty easy to expose the ISO 400 and 800 "drop-in cartridges" in extended sensitivity mode, pushing them up to ISO 3200 or even above. (That is, if you don't mind, or...

  • Consider that perhaps that's so by design. The spurious blur has been "usually" noticed in the 1/60-1/250 range, says the write-up. In fact, the harmful vibration in the wake of the "shock" lasts...

  • until that day comes, there is also this very low-tech solution which has been around since film days...

  • Had you bothered to read the article before commenting you'd know they do have a 24mm-equiv f/3.5 pretty shallow pancake. (Pictured in "specifications" above.)

  • @Richard
    Serving porpoises is illegal in most jurisdictions. Just serving us tuna fish or shark meat will do, thanks.

  • Now seriously: they were never cut in half, actually each half was taken from the production line to be showcased just BEFORE being joined with the other half during final assembly.
    (Or do you...

  • Yes they would, but that's an APS-C size sensor, thus a 19-50 zoom would really have to be waaaay dimmer than f/2.8 to be reasonably compact on a DP2. (As a coarse reference, think the typical...

  • It's fascinating, how many approaches there can be to street photography. Compare Stanton's M.O. to the, say, "blitzy" style of Magnum's Bruce Gilden. Exact opposites, maybe?
    (Gilden as seen by...

  • Thank you Sir but then... why would the cheapest model among the three (S9700) be just the one that features RAW output?

  • No, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have a continuous output mode and neither have the designers given the idea a thought, I believe.
    So you've found the cloud behind the silver lining... But let...

  • Jargon illiteracy:
    Does anyone know what DCF and DCR (in "image/file format" specs) stand for? Thanks.

  • That was the kind of lame joke you're likely to hear when you first dissect a frog at a Vet class.
    But yeah, they've done it! (See the original blog post linked to above.)

  • "This CADAVER had only 29 screws".
    But why on Earth do you assume Cicala & crew aren't skilled enough (or Frankensteinian enough...) to manage to reassemble and re-animate it, uh?
    Read the 1st...

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