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Apple releases 8GB version of iPhone 5c

Apple's iPhone 5c is now also available in a version with 8GB of built-in storage.

When Apple launched their latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s, they took the hardware of the predecessor, the iPhone 5, added iOS7 and a new colorful plastic body, and called the new creation the iPhone 5c. The 5c was meant to be a more affordable alternative to the 5s but it appears sales have thus far not met the expectations of Apple executives.

Today the tech giant from Cupertino has made a move to fix this and released an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c. The new model first appeared on the UK carrier O2's website but is expected to become available via all carriers that have offered the 5c until now.

Unlocked versions of the device have also been made available in Apple's online stores. In the UK store it is listed at £429 which represents a £40 saving over the 16GB version. In Germany you'll have to shell out €549 for the 5c's 8GB version, €50 less than the 16GB variant.

At the time of writing this story the new version had not yet arrived in Apple's US store. The table below provides an overview over the current pricing structure.

 iPhone 5c  US UK DE
8GB   n/a  £429  €549
 16GB  $549  £469  €599
 32GB  $649  £549  €699

Compared to the 16GB model the saving is not huge but still makes the iPhone 5c more affordable relative to the 5s. The cheapest version of the latter comes with 16GB storage and still sets you back £549 in the UK, £120 more than the budget 5c. So if you can live with the new model's limited on-board storage and want to have access to the large number of camera and image editing apps available in the iOS ecosystem the 8GB iPhone 5c might be well worth a closer look. 

In another move, Apple has also phased out the iPad 2 and replaced it with the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display as the most affordable 9.7-inch tablet in their line-up. The device comes with an A6X processor and 5MP camera. It's priced at $399/£329/€379 for the 16GB, Wi-Fi-only model.



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It's time to put a screen on both faces. The back of the phone is valuable real estate. Get to it, phone makers.


What's with the Apple haters here?

If you want an iPhone, buy one, if you don't get an Android.

Personally I'm happy with my 5s, which has a terrific camera and earns its keep daily.


Problem for me with the 5c are the feeble colours.

Look at the iPods to see how colour really should be done - rich, strong, vibrant.


When Apple release the iPhone 5C. Many people thought the "C" means Cheaper. But Apple said "C" = Colorful and consumers realize "C" means Costly plastic shell.

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I have both a 16Gb 5C and a 32Gb Galaxy S3. Both are great devices, but if they weren't on contract and I had to choose between the two I'd take the less expensive one. If I had to choose between an 8Gb 5C and a 32Gb S3 at the same price I'd take the S3. I'm thus doubtful if this move by Apple will do much to boost sales because 8Gb really isn't sufficient for a relatively advanced handset such as this.


Martin, I'd say that the majority of iphone users do not even know how much memory their devices have. What's more, they just use it to take some pictures, send whatsapp messages, check facebook, watch youtube and play candy crush saga. The most advanced users use it to listen to some music, but I know some people who have also an ipod, because the ipod is an mp3 player and the iphone is an iphone.
What they don't know is that they could do the same things better (i.e. on a bigger screen and with much longer battery duration) on a good Android (a good one, of course, like a nexus 5, lg g2 etc) for half the price. But for these people, the 8GB 5c will just do fine.

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Do you people just click on every Apple-related link so you can post a comment reminding everyone how awesome you think android is? Seriously, it's beat. Are you trying to convert others into android users? Why would you care what device someone else uses? If you're happy with your mobile device then great, congratulations. But maybe shut up about it for once in your life. Besides, if you convince too many people to make the switch, you'll end up a part of the can't-think-for-themselves majority you're so desperately trying to prove to everyone you're not a part of. Baa

By (unknown member) (Mar 19, 2014)

Android users who post online constantly about how IOS will kill you while you sleep and Android is the second coming of Christ have a serious inferiority complex. The device, OS, and ecosystem are all valid considerations not to mention support both in terms of OS and warrantee. I fail to see how someone is promoting freedom of thought and individualism by claiming that the only way to be your own person is to follow their crowd. All the free thinkers, or people who are able to think period, choose Android so if you can think and want freedom you should do what everyone else is doing. Isn't that why Android users claim to hate Apple? Irony.

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I am not an iPhone or iPad fan boy, having never owned either (although my family loves them), but I can categorically state that my Samsung Android Galaxy Note phone is the WORST phone I've ever had the misfortune to use. I could get a new upgrade phone in 2 months , but have decided to pay the $389 for a new Blackberry Q10 with the very good 10.2.1 OS on it, so I can just throw this POS in the trash. I believe that native Android is a decent phone OS, but the Samsung tweaked version is mindbogglingly useless.

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I got an I-Pad 2 as a gift and and found it badly lacking in memory storage as well as having a very poor camera.

My grandaughter has a "toy" camera that produces better pictures so we just let her use it to play games.

The big selling point of I-PHONE, I-PAD seems to have been how slim they were which is before you have to PROTECT them by encasing them in huge covers.

Sort of defeats the object of the exercise..................

PS I know all about I-Cloud storage but I'd rather keep my money and spend it on a decent tablet that caters to my needs and not to those of Apple's "visionaries".

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You can get 16, and even 32GB versions of many Android phones for well under that. Apple is pulling at straws.

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Chris Noble

Over 2x the price of the Samsung S4 mini, worse screen, less storage, less powerful processor, no memory card storage, all the apps and cloud storage anyone wants are available on both platforms... Android market share now exceeds Apple and keeps rising... Apple is going to crash.


You can buy 128GB microSDXC cards now for $120. 64GB cards for as low as $40. These prices seem exorbitant.

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great to see we get the best prices seeing as without USA sales apple would be bankrupt


8GB is not enough given that apple refuses to add a cheap micro SD slot. It's enough for the OS + Apps, but if you also want to take any videos or pictures or listen to music, you'll be making HEAVY use of the cloud.

The good side of not using SD cards is that the storage is top tier SSD fast. My wife's 5c clocks at 600MB/s on the internal storage.

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The Premium market is over Apple, now is when you'll flavor real competition fro survival... lets see if you can adapt in a commodity environment...


I am not sure you could be more wrong.

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Still nobody will bother. A basic plastic android phone can be bought for $60 with delivery from China.

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iphone 5c is far from basic. People get hung up on plastic even though that's what the Galaxy S4 is made of.

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Yet this is not that Apple can convince with these specifications vs price. They are too attached to the concept of selling more expensive and fewer than cheaper and more. Even after the warnings of experts remain reluctant to change the policy sales.

I got a 5S 32gb new and with warranty for 200 € and free operator, is not for me to complain about. Eventually will be an exception.

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why we buy smart phones? to use applications.
applications require disc space.
number of applications are huge, and size of applications increases.
even 16GB is not enough for avarage user today. 8GB for offer from Apple is unbelievable, is it a joke?
do you know the cost of 8GB memory to smartphone vendors? it is around $5.


16GB 5S at £549 with the latest technology vs 16GB 5C at £469 with yesteryear technology. It is pretty clear people will choose 5S over 5C.

Cutting the price on 5C by £30 but take away half of the non-expandable storage is hardly a discount.


Actually 5S is only containing latest "Apple" technology!

Kudos to the fingerprint scanner - but where are...

* Super touch (use phone with gloves)
* Wireless charging
* support for SD cards
* Free Music service without ads
* Free downloadable maps for offline use
* Normal sized screens - at least 4,5"
* Information at a glance - live lock screen and start screen
* Ability to se phone storage on computer via USB without special software
* Miracast support

... and the list goes on - all above is technology that debuted last year. Apple still sell phones with only basic features and overcharge for it...


... and, camera-wise, also add

- Xenon flash
- stereo audio, preferably with audio zoom capabilities
- 1080p60, 4K, true 720p120 (the 720p120 of the 5s only has 360p true resolution)
- manual(!) settings (even if only via the API), including even exposure compensation
- picture-in-picture dual-camera video / stills (see G2, Note 3 etc.) - GREAT for social photos

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A sign of the times - I'm an Apple fan ( I still have a G3 computer) but since Jobs left so did so much that Apple was….


I'm afraid Steve Jobs was Apple


I am not sure of the exact layout of iPhones outside the US, but in the US the 5C 8GB would replace the 4S 8GB (not happening in US yet), so it would reflect an increase in value at the same price point. Not sure of the ranking in other countries, I think Apple is still selling the 4 in some places. During Steve's time Apple did sell 8GB phones, mostly the previous years model, so this would be the same as under Steve. The change was going to the 5S, 5C, 4S, 4 lineup instead of a 5S, 5, 4S, 4 which was the old way. The 5 and 5C are pretty close in capabilities so the 5C was not a drop in function.


If I remember, the G3 and G4 towers came in fun blue and blue gray colors. And then the ibook and imac even came in pink and green. Not sure what this signifies other than giving a cheaper option for lower cost markets.


The difference is that things have moved on since then and operating systems and apps have grown in size and are still growing. Which means less usable storage for larger apps and still no "stand alone" way to expand.

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By (unknown member) (Mar 19, 2014)

The only thing that changed when Steve died was the budget for turtlenecks went from $27/year to zero.


€550 for a recycled last years model is not cheap.


So, if Apple had millions of 5Cs sitting around, wouldn't they just drop the price of the 16gb model? I think the 5C is doing ok, but obviously there is a belief they needed a cheaper model....


Which leads to my first thought: Did they just take the large 16G inventory and cripple it to 8G with a software 'upgrade'?

Barney Britton

@ Will - given the cost of flash memory I think that's highly unlikely. Apple has also been down this route before - it prolonged the life of the iPhone 4 with an 8GB version aimed at first-time smartphone buyers.

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The price of unsold stock (if true) is greater.

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