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Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 expected on September 4th

A cryptic invite was sent out to press today. Samsung's last "Unpacked" event announced the Galaxy S4.

Technology journalists were sent invitations today to Samsung's next product announcement. The "Unpacked" event will be held in Berlin on September 4th, and is expected to bring the latest manifestation of Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet.

Not much is known about the next Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5-inch screen and 8-megapixel camera, so we can hope that the Note 3 will at least improve on the camera, if not the size. Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is pushing the phablet boundaries with its 6.4-inch screen and the rumored HTC One Max is expected to have a 6-inch display.

Samsung's Galaxy S4, released at the last "Unpacked" event, has a 13-megapixel camera. The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 both carried 8MP cameras, so we can't help but wonder if the Note 3 will follow the camera precedence set by the Galaxy S4.

We will be reporting on whatever Samsung has in store for September 4th as the details are announced. What do you want to see from the next Galaxy Note? 


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Full HD Screen, better camera and move the side buttons to the lowest point of the sides possible, they are in the way where they are now, It is hard to grasp the case at the top without shutting the phone down.

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Finally a Samsung Galaxy Note with a Full HD screen?

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Total comments: 2
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